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“Summer” rules for watermen who are responsible for nobles

During the warm period, the low rules of the road are changing, which is responsible for the fate of the waters. There is something new. In addition, for safe and comfortable trips during the summer season, you should prepare and check your car in advance.

Report on changing the rules for drivers – in the materials of RBC-Ukraine below.

During the preparation, the following were used: publications of the KMDA, the Telegram channel of the first intercessor of the head of the Patrol Police Department Oleksiy Biloshitsky, bill No. 11029, the Telegram channel of the Patrol Police of Ukraine.

Zm ist:

  • The fluidity of the roc has been increased. Where and for how long
  • Induction of running fires. Chi cut rule
  • “Put it over” and end up in a comatose state. How to prepare your car before summer

The allowed speed has been increased. How long

From the 1st quarter of 2024, the Swiss regime for transport services on certain sections of the roads of Kiev and the Dnieper has changed. The rule of action is up to 1 leaf fall.


The Department of Transport Infrastructure of the KMDA has identified 10 sections of motorways capitals, where you can travel in Switzerland 80 km/year:

  • Embankment Highway (from Poshtovo Square to Naddnipryanskoe Shosse);
  • Naddnipryanskoe Shosse;
  • vul. Saperno-Slobidska (after the turn around M. Grinchenka street to the Pivdenny bridge);
  • Stolychne highway (to Akademika Zabolotnogo street);
  • ave. Bazhana from the Pivdenny bridge crossing to Kharkivska Square (at the turning point from Kharkivska Square to the Dnieper Embankment);
  • ave. Voskresensky (from Voskresenskaya street to A. Navoi street);
  • ave. R. Shukhevych (from Pivnichny Bridge to Honore de Balzac Street);
  • ave. S. Banderi (from Obolonsky Avenue to Pivnichny Bridge);
  • vul. Naberezhno-Ribalsk (from Gavansky Bridge to Elektrikiv Street);
  • Highway P-69 (from the restaurant “Yacht Kiev” (Bogatyrska st., 26-A) to the border of the Kiev metro station; behind the plot of land there is a light light).

Photo: in the capital they increased the speed of the roar on the streets road sections (Vitaliy Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

As noted in the KMDA, these streets are lined with road pavements, impoundments, overground and underground pedestrian crossings, oh let me change my shoes shvidko and safely.

On other sections of the Kiev roads, the speed limit is 50 km/year.


On the next sections there are streets and bridges On the Dnieper, the permitted speed of the river has increased to 70 km/year:

  • vul. Zavodska embankment, except for the plots:
  • 200 m on both sides from the intersection with the street. Academician Pavlova;
  • from the exit from the slag dump to the turnout at Kaydatsky place;
  • 50 m from both sides from unregulated pedestrian crossings near the intersection from the street. Fatimi Gafurova (SC “Lyodova Arena” and Metrobudivskaya street);
  • vul. Peremoghi embankment (from Yaruzhnaya street to Kosmichnaya street);
  • Zaporizke highway (from Shinnoya street to Aeroportivska street);
  • Donetsk highway, from the intersection to the street. Berezinskaya to building 5.45 and 5.46 “Dnipro”;
  • vul. Sonyachna Embankment, from the intersection to the street. Lyubarsky to the Ust-Samarsky Bridge (beyond the exclusion of the plots 50 m before the unregulated pedestrian crossings on both sides);
  • Tsentralny town;
  • Kaidatsky town.

Inclusion of running fires. Chi skew rule

The seasonal rule to keep the running lights and low-beam headlights wet when driving outside populated areas was in effect from 1 week to 1 month. This period of daylight is short. Because weather conditions are often unfriendly (reduced visibility through fog, rain, snow), the presence of running lights makes the car more visible to road users, which reduces the risk of accidents.

B ID May 1, 2024, the appointed rule was mali b skasuvati, prote past fate, the Cabinet of Ministers praised the changes to the Rules of the Road Rule.

Now, beyond the borders of populated areas, cars may crash with dimmed running lights when the time comes to doom. Due to the presence of running fires in the design of the transport system, the car may collapse with dimmed headlights.

Photo: running lights looming but in the future (freepik.com)

As they said in the Patrol Police, this practice has proven itself well in the EU countries. Due to the increase in daytime traffic fires, the number of traffic accidents during daylight hours decreased by 10-15%.

“Transport” and die in comas. How to prepare a car before summer

One ​​of the main tasks for water from the onset of spring is changing the winter “gumi” on the car. Shini, recognized for water in the cold weather, visible to the same time, the temperature of the temperature of the same time, the shutters of Shvidko is erase.

The need to replace tires is not yet regulated by law, otherwise this rule may become obligatory for Ukrainian drivers.

The Verkhovna Rada registered bill No. 11029 on the 20th to increase the reliability of the road safety sector. In times of praise in Ukraine, the obligatory vikoristan of winter “gumi” for transport purposes during the cold period of rock.

The bill proposes to establish administrative responsibility for the maintenance of cars with out-of-season tires:

  • for the first violation – a fine of 100 non-compliant minimum incomes of communities (1,700 UAH);

  • for repeated damage – from 200 to 500 non-compliant minimums (3,400-8,500 UAH) with the reduction of the right to transport by transport for 3 to 6 months.

Varto note that the document is still at the stage of review by the relevant committee.

Photo: replacing tires may not be a problem for water (freepik.com)

In addition to replacing tires before summer, experts should check the cooling system in the car and turn over so that the air conditioner operates properly.

It is also important to replace the washer for a summer one, which will ensure cleanliness of the saw and saw blade, as well as avoiding lumps.

Dodatkovo To clean headlights and transport body storage, you can especially use Antimoshka. It removes traces of comas, greasy stains and places bitumen particles.

More information about how to prepare a car before the warm season can be found in the following material from RBC-Ukraine.

Previously, we also wrote about the most widespread violations of traffic regulations, for which Ukrainian drivers are fined.< /p>

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