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Tariffs, subsidies and pensions: what will be the increase from 1 ruble for Ukrainians

Utility tariffs for grass will be lost without changes, and there will soon be a change in subsidies for heating fall season. For categories of pensioners, bonuses are deducted on an individual basis. For working pensioners, payments for grass will be larger, otherwise they will have to pay for it.

More about the situation with utility tariffs, subsidies and pensions – in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation, the following sources were used: the press service of Naftogaz, the statement of the intercessor of the Minister of Energy Svetlana Grinchuk, the Telegram channel of Prime Minister Denis Shmigal, information from the Pension Fund of Ukraine.



  • Resolution of tariffs for gas and light. How to change the amount in payments
  • Non-fire season. How will subsidies be calculated
  • Additions and increase in pensions for workers

Resolution of tariffs for gas and light. How to change the amount in payments

There are no plans to increase the level of utility services in Ukraine this coming month. Part of the tariffs is “protected” due to changes in the moratorium for the hour of war. We are talking about heat supply, heating water and gas.


The leading supplier of gas for the daily living of Ukraine “Naftogaz” has made an important statement, Also, the term for the “Fixings” tariff expires on April 30, 2024. The company extended it for another 1 year, subject to a moratorium.

“Naftogaz is in national interests. In the minds of the war and the difficult situation in the economy, we can support Ukrainians,” said Oleksiy Chernishov, a member of the Naftogaz Group.

In such a manner The fixed price for gas for the population in the region is 7.96 UAH/cub.m with maximum permissible limit up to the 30th quarter of 2025 inclusive.


< p dir="ltr">Due to the difficult situation in the energy sector, information about the possible increase in light tariffs has begun to spread through Russian shelling. However, there is no residual solution to the problem.

As the intercessor of the Ministry of Energy, Svetlana Grinchuk, said, the Ukrainian government is actively working with partners on how they can help us in order to improve the energy supply system in order to pass This and the coming period.

“There is no decision to increase tariffs today, but we can’t turn it off, because the situation is really complicated,” she added.

On Friday, the 26th of April, it became known that the Cabinet of Ministers had extended the discounted price for electricity for the population for a month – until the 31st of May (before the term was introduced on the 30th of April 2024).

“We are withdrawing this price without changes. The provisions on the imposition of special obligations on participants in the electricity market will be extended until May 31,” said Prime Minister Denis Shmigal.

Thus, the minimum tariff for electricity until May 31 is 2.64 UAH/kW-year. For Vlasniks of double-zone treatments at night from 23:00 to 07:00 the price is lower – 1.23 UAH/kW-year.


The possibility of increasing tariffs for cold water supply and water supply is being discussed across the river, but if NKREKP repeatedly tries to accept new prices, the availability of water will be lost at the pre-war level.

When Therefore, tariffs for water utilities vary depending on low factors: access to water resources, availability of electricity, reagents and other aspects.

Non-burning season. How will subsidies be adjusted

The burning season in Ukraine has ended, and payments have been reduced. The amount of subsidies will also become smaller, since the amount of money to pay for housing and communal services will be covered by insurance, taking into account that the obligatory payment for utilities cannot exceed 15% of the total income of the household.

Yak The Pension Fund informed the majority of Ukrainians who were receiving a subsidy, and it will be re-recognized automatically until April 30, 2025.

However, there are a number of categories that will be required from the application and declaration of income to withdraw the subsidy:

  • any kind of residential rental;
  • at the warehouse of the household there are internal movements of individuals;
  • there are fewer people actually living in the household;The household claims to receive subsidies for the supply of bottled gas, solid and rare stoves.

Documents can be submitted especially at PFU facilities, you can also send an application and declaration by mail to the address PFU or online (on the website or through the PFU login, through the portal Diya).

If applications are submitted within two months of the beginning of the non-fire season, the subsidy will be assigned for the beginning of this period.

Supplements and increased pensions in the company

This month, Ukrainian pensioners can receive bonuses on an individual basis – depending on the year.

Individuals over 70 years of age will receive a pension of up to 10.3 thousand. UAH applicable for additional payments:

  • 300 UAH – pensioners aged 70 to 74 years;
  • 456 UAH – pensioners from 75 to 79 years of age;
  • 570 UAH – pensioners from 80 years of age.

Pay the pension automatically once a month after reached by a retired pensioner.

It is also important to note that for working pensioners from the 1st quarter there will be a re-arrangement of payments, but there will no longer be any increase in pensions. This category of Ukrainians is taken into account “retrospectively” through the specifics of reporting.

Payments will be over-insurance after the withdrawal of information about the payment of a single contribution for the first quarter of 2024 important register of the federal government social insurance (calls are accepted until 10 May).

In this way, working pensioners will be deducted larger amounts of pension payments and compensation for the previous month.

There are only those people who worry about the transition that loom after 24 months of service. The additional allowance for the daily period of service amounts to 23.61 UAH (1% of the subsistence minimum for individuals who have lost their productivity), the minimum compensation becomes 47.22 UAH.

Report on those in which settings pensioners can especially You can read about going to the PFU for a change in the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

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