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TCC work, demobilization and electronic news: Zaluzhny’s main statements at the briefing

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny Prov in Kiev briefing for journalists in, where he commented on the nutrition of the military demobilization , TCC robots, electronic agendas and more.

RBC-Ukraine collected the main statements of the head commander of the ZSU at the briefing.

During the preparation of the material, publications were published by the “Mi Ukraine” channel and the broadcast of “Hromadske”, “Radio Liberty” and “ArmyInform”.

About demobilization and rotation

According to Zaluzhny’s words, the General Staff followed M Ministry of Defense for demobilization of military personnel 36 months after the start of service. However, as the commander-in-chief has said, the possibility of demobilization will depend on several factors.

The first factor is that there is no congestion at the front. The other – these people will be replaced by them in 36 months.

“I clearly understand that our fighters at the front are now at the forefront and even important minds are fighting their right, so that we can calmly join with you. Of course, I would like people who will go to Yes, and especially those who already serve, they have clearly understood how much they will need to fight,” said the head.

Zaluzhny also commented on the possibility of rotation on the skin front, as conveyed in the bill on changes in mobilization Yes, yesterday the Cabinet of Ministers introduced parliament.

“We would like this to remain the norm. But the situation should remain under the enemy’s actions. We cannot predict what will happen in five or six months. And what is the enemy without attacking villages?”, he explained.

Electronic News < p>As the head stated, he would be happy to use any method of recruiting people before the war, but adding that this initiative did not come from the General Staff or the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The General Staff was not afraid of the proposals for electronic subpoenas. Ale “We are looking for some way to meet our need for people,” said Zaluzhny.

Robot TsK

The reason for dissatisfaction with the work of the Territorial Centers is the staffing and social support (so-called “viyskkomati”).

“We will become the work of today until there is dissatisfaction. We ensured that key plantings were lost and continued the work .Shodo kerivniki – some have already been collected , “If the process of change is troubling,” he said.

According to the words of the head committee, if the TCC and the joint venture worked as needed, then it would not have been possible to discuss the bill on mobilization.

“People who work in the TCC – as a result of specialization, need to have a lot of knowledge, training and intelligence, which allows TCC workers to complete their duties. Both in the TCC and in the middle body. Today I want to say to Alestanov that The territorial centers did not waste their capacity to receive a special warehouse,” Zaluzhny added.

Mar'inka and Avdiivka

Zaluzhny spoke about the situation in Avdiivtsi and Mar'intsi, which is the hottest spots on the front. Having learned that the Ukrainian military servicemen had reached the outskirts of Mar'inka, a few Russians had finally found the Ukrainian place.

“We are protecting our skin tissue And if on this narrow little laptop, the enemy's shells begin to dig up the place all at once. to the stones, from the earth and our fighters – the lives of our fighters are more important to us. Therefore, in Marinets, as there were at least two fates – our troops are still located in the frontier part, but they were preparing the defensive line of the “We'll settle down,” the head said.

Commenting on the situation in Avdiivtsi, how the occupiers are trying to stop, as soon as Bakhmut, Zaluzhny exclaimed, “don’t get hung up and don’t be timid about ‘showing grief’ in front of a specific locality.” Let me add that the Russians may be able to harness their strength directly and repeat Bakhmut’s share in two or three months.

“Every day we act in accordance with our own laws, so as not to lie down, which is what deputies and journalists deserve… Our dear skin of the earth, we will defend as much as we can. If there is not enough strength, we save people, and then “double,” he explained .

The war of 2024 may evolve from the war of 2023

According to Zaluzhny, the war of 2024 may evolve from the war of 2023.

“2024 is the year of May” To retire in 2023, otherwise, we are being checked by those that I wrote about in the article. We found problems and a 90% solution to act more efficiently and save people. Our partners came in handy with us. My headache was that I took into account that such a large number of expenses, like us in the distance, to bully anyone. It’s not the Russian Federation,” he said with his head.

I will help Ukraine

I hope that our partners will continue to help Ukraine.

“I hope that our partners will not be with us. All other needs (internal – ed.) are discussed at the Ministry of Defense and activities be realized. I am not disappointed with the security of 2023,” he said.

Training of brigades in the ZSU

As Zaluzhny has learned, today’s Ukraine can train up to 10 brigades at once. We are also glad that people who are unprepared may be sent to the front.

“I am ready for any initiatives that will promote the promotion of responsibility for sending people to the front who are unprepared. Such But we can’t. We have “It’s wonderful to be able to highlight both our capabilities and the capabilities of our partners – and they give the training of our military great respect,” adding the head.

About the military

Zaluzhny supporting the military service And in the military service, which were not demobilized through the military camp.

“We are not ready to release military personnel this summer. In the event of leaf fall, this was already our proposal – we contacted the Ministry of Defense to release military personnel from military service. Our clear position is theirs. Let them go, so that they can go out to rest. And then they will act in minds of the law, as it is,” said Vin.

Mobilization will be gradual

Zaluzhny noted that the ZSU’s need for new fighters does not mean that everyone will be mobilized at the same time. In other words, this process will be carried out step by step.

“First of all, I don’t call the number 500 and 400 (thousands – ed.), I call it a fundamental need. I have already said that this need is divided into song periods. of the coming fate – ed.).Guess what, this is another of Zaluzhny’s appearances in public today. Before the briefing, the head appeared on air at the “United News” telethon and commented on the bill on changes in mobility that was introduced into parliament yesterday.

“I’m worried that people should come before the civil war and be able to cancel the provisions of the dannya. Hto yaku matime in a line, and whoever in a line will not be the mother, whom the power will call – today I respect that this is not my competence,” he said.

In addition, Zaluzhny responded to the need voiced by President Volodymyr Zelensky to mobilize another 500 thousand people. According to the commander-in-chief, the General Staff does not rely on a specific figure, but regularly forms its requests for ammunition, military equipment and other human resources.

Changes in mobilization

At the press conference Zelensky stated that the General Staff ab ask for additional mobility 450-500 thousand osib. In other words, there is a comprehensive plan for this, which will include feeding those who have been fighting for almost two years without a change.

Yesterday evening, the Cabinet of Ministers introduced a great bill for mobilization. The document, among other things, proposes to reduce the age-old threshold for mobilization from 27 to 25 years, to speed up the transfer of categories that do not apply to it, and also to expand the delivery of summons to the TCC by electronic mail. our initiatives.

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