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Terms of the post of Ukraine Patriot and large-scale cyber attack of the GUR in Tatarstan: news for 3 May

It is possible to transfer the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) to Ukraine no earlier than the end of the war. And cyber hackers of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) yesterday, May 3rd, carried out a large-scale attack on Internet providers and telecom operators in Tatarstan.

RBC-Ukraine collected the main news for May 3rd.

War Russia versus Ukraine: the latest news

  • The Ukrainian military recently strengthened its tactical positions in the area of ​​Serebryansky Forest.
  • Russian grouped military, especially on the Today Ukraine has resources for activity on this front.< /li>
  • The Russians actually have a plan for the possible burying of Kharkov and Sum, but the Ukrainian armies do not know how serious it is.
  • Russia has set itself the fate of burying Donbass. Once successful, the occupiers may intend to invade the Zaporizhzhya region.
  • The number of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine has increased significantly since 2022. There are currently 510 to 513 thousand Russian military servicemen in the occupied territories.
  • Russia spent close to 500 thousand soldiers in the war against Ukraine.
  • Russian military forces are constantly trying to renew their position in modern Ukraine.
  • The Main Intelligence Directorate announced the threat of the “fall” of the Hourly Yar.
  • Russian military forces have stagnated throughout Ukraine Yen fighters 444 ammunition contaminated with unsafe chemicals speeches.
  • Russian terrorism over the last 2-3 decades has changed the tactics of stagnating drones.

NYT revealed that Germany will transfer Patriot to Ukraine

I informed The New York Times that it is possible to transfer the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) to Ukraine no earlier than the end of the war. Delivery can be avoided with the transfer of the Vinishchuvach F-16s.

Before that, as early as Monday (6 May), nearly 70 Ukrainian military personnel will begin their six-year commitment to the Patriot at the airbase near Nimechchyna.

” Once completed, the German forces will need approximately two days to transport the large launchers, radar and other parts to the logistics center in Poland and hand them over to Ukrainian officials, who may “to transport them across the cordon,” writes NYT.

It is understood that the air defense missile systems can arrive in Ukraine no earlier than the end of the season. At the same time, the delivery of the Patriot can be avoided by the delivery of the F-16.

The Main Intelligence Directorate carried out a large-scale cyber attack in Tatarstan

Cyber ​​agents of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine yesterday, May 3, carried out a large-scale attack on Internet providers and telecom operators ku in Tatarstan.

The main goal of the attack of the Ukrainian spies was the connections in the Alabuga economic zone. It includes over 30 branches, including those that concern the Russian military-industrial complex (DIC).

As RBC-Ukraine reported, this cyber attack allowed the Internet monitoring robot to be blocked and in Tatarstan and Kazan , as well as the work of the mobile operator MTS and smaller large-scale operators, the connection between PJSC Tattelecom and Ufanet.

Before this, this operation led to the availability of the Internet and problems with the work of low stagnation. In addition, there were additional additions that testify to the operation of intercoms.

Ukraine is facing a new stage of the war with Russia, – Zelensky

President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Ukraine is facing a new stage of the war with Russia. Vorog plans to expand his offensive operations.

“Today is already the 800th day of the war. This is an extremely difficult road that our state has had to go through, and a road that still needs to go through in order to end the war on just minds, on the minds of Ukraine. Now we are facing a new stage of the war. ant getting ready “before trying to expand offensive actions,” the president said.

As Zelensky means, today’s Ukrainians, as well as Ukraine’s allies, are responsible for doing everything possible to stop Russia’s plans.

In Ukraine, banks and pawnshops were prohibited from accepting goods of military significance at the checkpoint

The National Bank of Ukraine ordered the exchange for banks and pawnshops.

As it was clarified to the National Bank, now banks and pawnshops are prohibited from accepting goods at the outpost that can be stockpiled in the field of battle and those included in the Unified List of Related Goods.

Zokrema, we are talking about drones, thermal imagers and devices. Good luck to you.

The NBU confirmed that such approaches were introduced within the framework of the new decision for the sake of national security and defense of Ukraine “To counteract the negative effects of the functioning of gambling on the Internet.”

With any ailments can be mobile

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has published a list of illnesses for which military conspirators are recognized before service.

Likely before illness, skin cancer can be identified:

  • not attached to service;
  • completely attached;
  • specific to service in military parts , territorial centers of recruitment (TCC) and social support (SP), primary centers, medical departments, logistics departments, communications, operational security and protection.

List of illnesses – as ordered.< /p>Italy intends to vote on a new package of military aid for Ukraine, before the departure of SAMP/T

Italy intends to vote on a new package of military aid to Ukraine before the summit of the “Great Family” (G7), which will be held 1 3 worms.

< p>According to the words of La Repubblica, the ninth package of assistance from Italy is based on SAMP/T, an effective PPO system, which is so necessary for Ukraine to protect the capital and the main capital centers.

mother and anti-tank missile: Ukraine rejects drone strikes from the US

Ukraine is rejecting from the States of America advanced attack drones with flammable armor on board the Feloni Aero production facility.

As representatives of Feloni Aero reported, they will begin to develop two options for drones, as indicated to enhance the defense of Ukraine:

  • Felon 1.0, equipped with a 5.56 mm missile;
  • FelonX, equipped with a Spike anti-tank missile.

Varto respect that the proliferation of these drones has become We can do so after the United States praised the billion-dollar assistance to Ukraine.

“The new Feloni Aero drones demonstrate a revolutionary solution, ensuring unparalleled accuracy, maneuverability and efficiency in combat scenarios,” – Available in the publication Defense Industry Europe.

The drones are equipped with modern security systems and advanced drone security capabilities. It is necessary to allow the Ukrainian forces to effectively maintain a complex security situation.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram. /p>

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