• 26/05/2024 07:19

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada announced four programs of military and humanitarian support

The country has already transferred $2 billion to our state through a special IMF account.

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada announced four programs of military and humanitarian support

In Canada's draft budget for 202 Ukraine than previously reported . The head of the Ukrainian diplomatic mission in the North American country, Yulia Kovalev, spoke about this on her Facebook page.

According to the ambassador, a five-year program worth 1.6 billion Canadian dollars, agreed upon in the security agreement signed on February 24, 2024 between the two states – this is not the only funding for Ukraine included in the new estimate. Canada also provides budgetary support of 2.4 billion, of which the lion's share of the amount has already been transferred to the Ukrainian government through a special IMF account. Another $400 million should arrive in the coming months.

$216 million will be allocated to rebuild Ukraine through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. And 76 million will finance projects to maintain peace and security, including humanitarian demining.

In the budget bill, Canada also commits to working with G7 countries to hold Russia accountable, including through asset confiscation.

  • The Finance Minister presented the 2024 budget plan to the Canadian Parliament Chrystia Freeland, who is of Ukrainian descent.


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