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The attack on the Ryazan oil refinery plant was a GUR operation, – Dzherela

Following the operation of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense on 1 May before assistance to drone pilots on the territory of the Russian Federation was The Ryazan oil refinery plant was destroyed.

RBC-Ukraine was informed by the security services.

What is known about the attack

According to eyewitnesses, the first vibugs crawled into the territory of the plant at night close to 02:00 , after which a large-scale fire began on the territory of the refinery. Recently, the Ministry of Taxation and Taxation announced the “unsafety of drones.” The drone attack on the territory of the Ryazan region was confirmed by local governor Pavlo Malkov.

In addition, social watchdogs reported the presence of drones in the skies over the Voronezh region. There, too, there was noticeably “the work of the PPO,” and in ZMI they reported about the damage to the Budynkas in the Voronezk region, “as a result of the crash of one of the aircraft-type drones.”

Ryazan Oil Refinery

It is significant that Ryazan naphtha refinery plant near the town of Ryazan and enters the NK “Rosneft”. Statements state that the maximum possible cost of processing the refinery is 17-18 million tons of naphtha per river. Most of the products are exported.

We remember that on March 13, 2024, this plant was already attacked by Ukrainian drones. It was reported that the long-range kamikaze drone “Lutiy” was used to strike. What is known about this UAV – RBC-Ukraine wrote in the accompanying material.

Hit the naphtha industry factories in Russia

It is obvious that in the last few months Ukrainian drones have often attacked Russian oil refineries in Russia. UAVs can reach these oil refineries located hundreds of kilometers beyond the border with Ukraine. The SBU confirmed that they had carried out at least 13 successful attacks on the oil refineries of the aggressor country. It is also clear that similar operations are taking place in the GUR. As a result of such successful production, Russian oil production and refining decreased by 12%. And recent ZMI writes that drone attacks have already led to a gasoline shortage in Russia.

And despite the negative reaction from the United States, President Volodymyr Zelensky explained that in the absence of the best minds in anti-aircraft defense (PPO), Ukraine has a single option to counteract Russian attacks on energy – suppress Russia “will have to pay the same price.”

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