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The Cabinet of Ministers has introduced a new surcharge to military personnel: how much and who withdraws

The Cabinet of Ministers introduced a new surcharge to military personnel amounting to 70 thousand hryvnia Disposable wine towns will be filled in 30 days in advance of the battle order on the first line.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this through messages sent to Telegram by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmigal.

I respect you Shmigal, On the new military initiative of the Verkhovna Rada, an additional payment of 70 thousand hryvnias was established for military servicemen and police officers who are serving in military departments on the first line. .

It is determined that the amount of an individual one-time payment becomes 70 thousand hryvnia.

“We will continue to talk about our soldiers who are stealing the country and home of millions of Ukrainians,” Szmigal sang to his companion.

Varto respect that additional payments have been made how many 70 thousand hryvnias were seen by Vlada ahead.

Learn about military servicemen who are fighting (special) missions on the line of combat contact with the enemy on the front line of the first echelon of defense or on the offensive (counterattack, counterattack) to the company stronghold including but also on enemy territory ( In addition, in the territory between the positions of the enemy and our own troops) for every 30 days (totally calculated) the cessation of such orders.

Pay to the military

I guess that over 70% of the budget of the Ministry of Defense In 2024, the region will receive payments Ukrainian military. Another 20% – for the purchase of armored equipment.

In addition, a bill “On introducing changes to certain legislative acts of Ukraine in order to motivate the military service” was registered on the website of the Verkhovna Rada. No one was convinced to increase low surcharges and benefits for military personnel.

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