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The court refused to renew Farion as a professor at Lviv Polytechnic

As stated in the decision, the court considers the ex-deputy’s behavior an “immoral concession.”

The court refused to reinstate Farion as a professor at the Lviv Polytechnic

The Galitsky District Court of Lvov refused to reinstate former MP Irina Farion to her position Professor of the Department of Ukrainian Language at the Institute of Humanities of the National University “Lviv Polytechnic”.

“Based on the results of the consideration of this case, the court had no doubt that the behavior of the plaintiff, namely his statements, can be characterized as an immoral offense” , says the text of the decision.

In addition, the court added that “the defendant correctly determined that the plaintiff’s statements regarding Russian-speaking military personnel are quite reasonably perceived as immoral by a significant part of society.”

“The claim is denied. An appeal against the court’s decision is filed within thirty days from the date of its proclamation,” the court decision stated.

  • On November 15 last year, former MP Irina Farion was fired from her position as a professor at the Lviv Polytechnic, where she worked at the Ukrainian language department of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Farion stated that she does not consider the Russian-speaking fighters of Azov and the 3rd Assault Brigade to be Ukrainians if they cannot speak Ukrainian. The Lviv Polytechnic National University, where Farion teaches, stated that the institution is not responsible for her statements outside the university. Because of this, Ombudsman Dmitry Lubinets turned to the SBU so that the special service could evaluate her statements.
  • The SBU opened a criminal case against linguist and former people's deputy Irina Farion. Investigators carried out examinations of scandalous statements and publications, as well as an episode with the publication of a letter to a student from occupied Crimea.
  • The National University also commented on the remark of its teacher about the Russian-speaking military. NU stated that the institution is not responsible for her statements outside the university.
  • In December, Farion filed a lawsuit for dismissal from Lviv Polytechnic. The subject of the claim is “recognition as illegal and cancellation of the dismissal order.” ul>


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