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The court sent Roman Grinkevich into custody, he can be released on bail

The court set the bail amount for Grinkevich in the amount of 500 million hryvnia.

The court sent Roman Grinkevich into custody, he can be released on bail

Roman Grinkevich in Pechersky Hall 2 Pechersky District Court of Kiev chose a preventive measure for Roman Grinkevich, the son of Lviv businessman Igor Grinkevich. He must be in custody until March 17, but can be released on bail of more than 500 million hryvnia.

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The selection of a preventive measure for Roman Grinkevich was considered by judge Tatyana Ilyeva. < /p>

Before the start of the trial, Roman Grinkevich and his lawyer refused to communicate with journalists. Grinkevich emphasized that his words could be used against him, so he will speak only after the end of the meeting.

The prosecutor in the Grinkevich case, Yaroslav Gavrishchuk, said that Roman Grinkevich, as a co-organizer, was entrusted with the management of the company, the use of connections and attracting goods to be accepted.

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“Roman agreed to participate in the assigned functions. He joined the organization created by Igor. In January-February 2023, Grinkevich together with others, from January to December 2023, caused damage totaling more than 94 million hryvnia,” the prosecutor noted. At the same time, Grinkevich’s defense insisted that he did not receive any subpoenas, did not intend to hide from the investigation, and did not try to leave Ukraine. Accordingly, the defense requested a preventive measure for Roman in the form of round-the-clock house arrest.

Grinkevich himself stated that he did not understand the content of the charges brought against him, and emphasized that he had not planned and does not plan to leave the territory of Ukraine, but was going to “defend his honor and prove he was right.”

What preceded

  • On January 22 at 6:50 in Odessa, while organizing a trip outside the country, law enforcement officers detained Roman Grinkevich, the fifth member of a criminal organization that supplied low-quality clothing to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
  • Previously, the State Bureau of Investigation explained that it could not detain the son of businessman Igor Grinkevich, Roman, before he disappeared because there was not enough evidence for him.

  • Grinkevich Sr. is suspected of two episodes: of offering a bribe and of failure to deliver clothing for the military under contracts with the Ministry of Defense: Roman Grinkevich appears in the second case and is suspected of fraud and participation in a criminal group.

  • Subsequently, Roman Grinkevich was put on the wanted list.

  • What the Grinkevich family is accused of – in detail in the material LB.ua.< /li>


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