• 14/04/2024 17:04

The Czech Republic and Poland do not consider the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine

The Czech Republic and Poland do not consider the possibility of sending their country to Ukraine. The prime ministers of the two countries announced this after the meeting in Paris, where food was discussed.

RBC-Ukraine reported this via Reuters.

French President Emmanuel Macron destroyed food for the possibility of European countries sending troops to Ukraine, declaring that “nothing is to blame for being turned off.”

Supporting Macron’s questioned statements, Czech Prime Minister Petro Fiala and Yogo Polish colleague Donald Tusk press conference at Praza stated that this option is not considered by their authorities.

“I am convinced that we are obliged to develop the paths of support that we took after the Russian aggression. I respect that we do not It is necessary to open some other methods ch ways,” said Fiala, noting that the main respect is attached to Polish assistance, as well as humanitarian and economic support.

Tusk adding: “Poland does not plan to direct its on the territory of Ukraine. I think that We shouldn’t speculate today or be aware of circumstances that could change this position.”

A White House representative told Reuters on 26 that the United States has no plans to send troops for military operations in Ukraine Yes, and that NATO is also not There are plans to send troops for combat operations in Ukraine.

The idea of ​​​​sending NATO soldiers to Ukraine

It seems likely that Paris had a meeting on the 26th with the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron. The presidents, heads of government and ministers of 28 countries discussed further support for Ukraine.

After the meeting, Macron did not include that NATO would send troops to help Ukraine, but there is still no consensus on this. .

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