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The Czech Republic wants to block the import of Russian grain to Europe

In the wake of the European meeting, the Czech Republic proposes to protect imports grains from Russia and Belarus to the countries EU. This was stated by Marek Wiborni, the Minister of the Rural Government, at the program of the Czech TV station.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from posting on Novinky.cz.

“We will insist on this, so grains and olives were on the list of sanctions and did not rise in price in Europe,” said Viborny. Prime Minister Petr Fiala will speak out for the position of the Czech Republic at the upcoming meeting of the European Union.

According to Eurostat, 1.5 million tons of grain were imported from Russia until the end of the war in Ukraine. For example, Spain, having faced a bad weather, significantly increased its imports.

“There is no good reason why we are guilty of encouraging the aggressor by buying Russian grain from Europe,” added Viborny. In other words, the Czech Republic does not expect a rapid increase in product prices after the possible ban on imports of Russian grain, and there are “surpluses” there. A member of the parliamentary committee for the rural state and the shadow minister of the rural state, Margita Balashtikova (ANO), supports the defense, but also respects the fact that it will be important for them to vacate. “It will be necessary to recheck and seal the carriages, otherwise the traders can bypass this,” she said.

Viborny suppressed information about the fact that contaminated grain from Ukraine is being imported to the Czech Republic, as the recently publicized ex-Prime Minister and head of the Rukh ANO Andrey Babish. According to the minister, only three samples of feed grain showed a slight excess of the norm.

It seems likely that the Sejm of Lithuania will ask to block the import of Russian and Belarusian grain into the EU. The head of the Committee on the Right of the Village, Viktoras Prantsketis, stated that with this resolution they will attempt to consolidate the parliaments of all EU countries so that more European decisions can be adopted and the region will not be blamed to introduce a fence.

In addition, the European Parliament called until the term embargo on agricultural products from Russia. On behalf of the largest group in the European Parliament, the European People's Party, Pole Andrzej Halicki called for the illegal imposition of an embargo on Russian agricultural products. He noted that his colleagues will check the bill of the European Commission, which will be presented at the meeting for the sake of the EU.

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