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The decision to confiscate assets of the Russian Federation will be praised for the coming years, – the head of Euroclear

The Belgian depository Euroclear praises the decision to confiscate frozen assets of the Russian Federation for the sake of Ukraine not in the nearest future.< /p>

about the city, Vikonavchy Director of EuroClear Valeri is offended, the RBK-Ukrainian RBC to L'Echo.


“The decision may be adopted in the coming years. The amount will be in the range between 87% and 89% of all income from Russian assets after paying taxes,” Ubren said.

Vona also noted about the hidden amount of income from blocked assets become 2-3 billion euros due to interest rates.

In these words, the confiscation of sovereign Russian assets frozen on the Euroclear platform could cause a blow to financial markets. In addition, as Ubren said, the depositary has received over 100 calls from Russian courts to Russian investors seeking to reverse the sanctions-blocked funds.

Frozen assets of the Russian Federation may be transferred to Ukraine

After the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the region froze approximately 300 billion dollars of Russian assets. The asset forfeiture program has practically been abandoned, as such activities may be illegal. At the same time, there is a possibility of a rapid influx of hundreds of these assets to support Ukraine.

According to a number of decisions, the remaining decision about the vicarious assets of the Russian Federation will be praised at the G7 summit in Italy red.

Katarina Maternova, EU Ambassador to Ukraine, respects that by the end of 2024 Ukraine will be able to quickly acquire Russian assets frozen by the Sunset. In this case, parts of the European Union may consider a plan for the immediate receipt of frozen assets of Russia for the purchase of equipment for Ukraine.

Terms and important information about Well, Russia versus Ukraine, read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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