• 24/06/2024 10:00

The dollar is again expensive for 40 hryvnia: latest rates in exchange offices

The dollar exchange rate at exchange offices in Ukraine has increased again by 40 hryvnia. The single European currency has also risen in price.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in its market monitoring reports.

The average rate for the sale of dollars in Ukraine is 10 kopecks starting on May 14 up to 40 .05 hryvnia, the euro exchange rate for 10 kopecks is 43.25 hryvnia.

In exchange offices you can buy a dollar from the average for 39.55 hryvnia, euros for 42.55 hryvnia.

On The interbank exchange rate today is at 39.70-39.75 UAH/dollar (purchase and sale) – an increase of 3 kopecks is equal from the close of the previous day.

Official rate

National Bank of Ukraine has decreased dollar to hryvnia exchange rate . The official exchange rate for May 14, 2024 was set at the following level: 39.6196 UAH per 1 dollar (-0.1010 UAH). The euro exchange rate becomes 42.7495 hryvnia per 1 euro (-0.0653 UAH).

Currency liberalization

As stated by the head of the NBU, Andriy Pishny, the central bank is working on an upcoming package to improve currency exchange rates. Having said that, the success of currency liberalization has a lot to do with how reliable businesses will be.

The remaining great package of reductions, introductions from 4 June, will cost 5.5 billion dollars.< /p>

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