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The enemy attacked Odessa with ballistic missiles at night and hit Novaya Poshta, 14 wounded (updated)

There is a powerful fire at the site of the impact.

The enemy attacked Odessa with ballistic missiles at night and hit Novaya Poshta, 14 wounded (updated)

May, the Russians once again attacked Odessa with ballistic missiles. A powerful fire occurred at the site of the hit.

This was reported by the head of the Odessa Police Department Oleg Kiper.

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Subsequently, the press service of Nova Poshta reported that a Russian missile hit the sorting depot and the company's branch.

“There are no dead or injured among our employees. The estimated value of all packages that were destroyed as a result of the impact will be reimbursed to customers in full. Tomorrow we will contact all recipients,” the message says.

The company added that the parcels in transit have been redirected to branch No. 3 of Nova Poshta in Odessa.

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Odessa, consequences of the shelling

Updated. The State Emergency Service clarified in the morning that 14 people were injured, one man was hospitalized in a moderate condition. All others received assistance on the spot.

68 rescuers were brought in from the State Emergency Service, including psychologists.

In addition, the city's civil infrastructure was damaged, in particular postal warehouses. A large fire broke out at the site, which firefighters have already extinguished. 19 units of equipment were involved from the State Emergency Service.

  • Last night, the Russians hit Odessa with two ballistic missiles. Previously, Iskanders with a cluster warhead were used again. As a result of the attack, three people were killed and three more were wounded.
  • On Monday, the Russians attacked Odessa with an Iskander, five people were killed, more than 30 were wounded.

  • One of the victims was the vice-rector of the International Humanitarian University Boris Vasiliev.


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