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The enemy hit the Lviv region: the Shukhevych Museum was damaged, and the people of the city were also burned

Russian troops attacked the Lviv region with drones. Through the fall of the drone, the Shukhevych Museum caught fire and the village was destroyed.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this through a post on the Telegram channel of the head of the Lviv OVA Maxim Kozitsky. that measure of Lvov Andriy Sadovoy.

The primary reason behind Kozitsky’s words is the tricks of the enemy drone.

“Belogorshcha. The fire near the Shukhevych Museum. The underlying cause: the tricks of the enemy drone. Representatives of the DSNS were at the scene.” – the head of the Lviv OVA reported.

Also the Kozitsky Viklav photo was burned at the museum.

Photo: the Shukhevych Museum is burning near the Lviv region through the fall of fragments of the drone (t.me/kozytskyy_maksym_official/11636)

< p>After Kozitsky informed that the ruthless soldiers would continue to extinguish the fire, there were no casualties. Ale, behind the words of the head of the Lvovskaya OVA, now Lvov’s life is heavy.

“In Bilogorsch, there are no casualties in the future. I’ll let you continue to extinguish.

Updated 06:20: Mayor of Lvov Andriy Sadovyi informed the Shukhevych Museum about the poverty:

“On the day of the nationality of Stepan Bandera, Muscovites completely destroyed the museum of the UPA general-horaner Roman Shukhevych in Bilogorsch,” – informing Lvov’s mayor.

Sadovy also showed photographs of the remains:

Photo: the remains of the fire in Shukhevych Museum (t.me/andriysadovyi/1858) Pozhezha na dahu gurtozhitka

Updated 05:53: Following the words of the mayor of Lvov Andriy Sadovyi, the tricks were lost at a civil object near the city. Firefighters on the spot:

“Lvov has bruises! The tricks of the enemy drone were lost to a civilian object. There are already firefighters on the spot. Don't be alarmed,” Sadovyi wrote on his Telegram channel.

Updated 05:56: Behind the words of the head of the Lviv OVA Maxim Kozitsky, after the fall of the UAV's tricks, the fire of the city:

“The fall of the Shahed tricks was recorded near Dublyany. The fire of the city. On the spot the fire-burners are at work,” he said Kozytskyi.

Updated 05:58: Andriy Sadovyi confirmed the information

“The fall of the Shahed tricks in Dublyany was also recorded. The firemen are working on the scene. About the victims. dashing is still unknown” , – telling Sadovy on his Telegram channel.

Updated 06:28: According to Sadovoy, the fire at the university has been liquidated. Without victims.

Mer viklav photo of the damaged villager

Photo: the remains of the burnt herd (t.me/andriysadovyi/1860)

Shukhevych Museum

The Roman Shukhevych Museum is a memorial museum, dedication to the life and work of the head commander of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. The museum has five thematic halls dedicated to various aspects of the UPA activity. Another one on top of the museum depicts the life of Roman Shukhevych during his stay with the army.

The Budinka also has an important historical object – a shovanka, in which Roman Shukhevych lived in the army.

< em>Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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