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The enemy shelled 9 regions of Ukraine in one day, killed and wounded – construction of an OVA

In particular, as a result of shelling of Ivanovka in the Kherson region, a residential building was destroyed. Rescuers recovered the body of the deceased from under the rubble.

The enemy shelled 9 regions of Ukraine in a day, there are dead and wounded - construction of OVA

Russian troops carried out attacks on nine regions of Ukraine throughout the day, Ukrinform reports with reference to information from regional military administrations.

In the Chernihiv region the enemy fired mortars at the Koryukovsky and Novgorod-Seversky districts. There was no information about casualties among the population or damage to civilian infrastructure.

In the Sumy region at night, Russians attacked the Velikopisarevskaya and Sveskaya communities with mortars and artillery.

Yesterday, Russian troops attacked the Sumy region with mortars, artillery and an FPV drone. The Belopolskaya, Krasnopolskaya, Miropolskaya, Yunakovskaya, Esmanskaya, Seredino-Budskaya and Sveskaya communities were shelled.

In the Zaporozhye region 40 artillery shellings occurred in the territory of Orekhov, Zheleznodorozhny, Novodanilovka, Malovinsky, Tokmachki , Levadny, Poltavka, Lugovskoye, Plavney and other front-line settlements.

Seven UAVs attacked Novodarovka, Volshebnoe and Robotino.

Seven reports of the destruction of residential buildings were received.

< p>In the Dnepropetrovsk regionthe Russian army attacked Nikopol and the Marganets community with kamikaze drones. Two houses and a gas pipeline were damaged.

Late in the evening, the enemy shelled Nikopol with heavy artillery.

In the Kharkov region more than 12 settlements received artillery and mortar strikes, including including Volchansk, Bochkovo, Budarki, Chuguevsky district, Dvuhletnaya, Sinkovka, Petropavlovka, Ivanovka, Berestovo, Kupyansky district.

Between Volchansk and Vilcha, Chuguevsky district, the enemy launched two strikes with KABs.

In the Lugansk region on the approaches to Makeyevka, Ukrainian defenders repulsed several Russian assaults. The invaders fired at Nevskoye once again.

During the day, the enemy carried out 138 shellings of the Luhansk region (fired 633 shells).

In the Donetsk region Mirnograd, Avdiivka, Shcherbinovka, Berdich, Novobakhmutovka.

5 residential buildings and a lyceum were damaged.

Konstantinovka received two missile strikes, the enemy entered the hospital territory. There was no information about casualties.

In the Maryinsky community, Krasnogorovka, Novomikhailovka and Ilyinka were under artillery fire.

In the Chasovoyarsky community, a private house was damaged, the city of Seversk was shelled.

In the Nikolaev region shelling was recorded in the waters of the Ochakov community.

At night the enemy launched artillery attacks on Ochakov.

In the Kherson region The Russian army carried out 73 shellings (fired 310 shells), of which three artillery shellings (7 shells) hit Kherson.

The Russians hit 22 settlements.

The Russian explosives exploded A 38-year-old agrarian working a field between Velikaya Aleksandrovka and Novodmitrovka. The husband was hospitalized.

Yesterday the invaders beat Kherson again. An 87-year-old woman was wounded.

As a result of the shelling of Ivanovka on January 9, a residential building was destroyed. Rescuers recovered the body of the deceased from under the rubble.

As a result of the shelling of Stanislav, a 39-year-old woman was injured.


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