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The EU has begun preparations for the 14th package of sanctions, – Vice-President of the European Commission

The European Union has begun preparations for the 14th package of sanctions, which may receive praise in the future And whose fate.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a post on the website of the European Commission.

“We have begun preparing the 14th package of sanctions, which may receive praise in the spring. We certainly include a wide range of to interim calls with a strong emphasis on combating bypass – for example, in the maritime sector, Russia will continue to strive to destroy the upper price limit for oil exports,” said Valdis Dombrowski, Vice President of the European Commission s.

Vіn respected that ES also They are looking for a way to circumvent the sanctions through subsidiary subsidiaries that operate in countries outside Europe.

“From the perspective of the EU, the parent companies of the EU, which save money on the business operations of their foreign subsidiaries, may be responsible for the operations involved in those subsidiaries foreign companies,” adding Dombrovskis.

The Vice-President of the European Commission also said, that we are putting pressure on Russia and those who support it on the battlefield, if there were no stink.

“We will continue to re-investigate Putin’s friends. We will continue to re-investigate those who help Russia circumvent sanctions or replenish its military arsenal,” respectfully said.

Sanctions Є From Russia

To the beginning of a large-scale The European Union regularly imposes sanctions against Russia for its aggressive war against Ukraine. The sanctions will be raised against Russian officials, oligarchs, economic sectors, companies and defense enterprises of the aggressor.

On the 23rd of 2024, the EU praised the 13th package of sanctions against Russia. The European Rada decided to ban intermediaries for another 106 physical and 88 legal entities.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky also called for sanctions against Russia. In other words, the aerobalistic missiles “Kinjal” with which Russia will fire at Ukraine contain dozens of foreign parts.

Recently, the ministers of the rural states of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic have confirmed The European Union will block grain imports from Russia and Belarus.

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