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The EU plans to contribute profits to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the needs of Ukraine

With the EU's proposal, Ukraine will begin to deduct profits from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. lime. The funds will be directed towards the restoration and development of the defense industry.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Bloomberg.

The proposals will transfer a tax on profits, withdrawals from depleted reserves, from method The cost of almost 3 billion euros is significant for the cost of Ukraine.

There are approximately 260 billion euros in assets of the Russian central bank, most importantly in the form of valuable papers and preparations frozen by the Great Britain, the EU and Australia, with more than two-thirds of them blocked in the EU S.

Financing has become especially critical, since Ukraine is facing a shortage of artillery, and nearly 60 billion US dollars are still blocked in Congress and are being held by the authorities.

Confiscation of Russian assets

It seems likely that the idea of ​​confiscation of Russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine is becoming more relevant due to the availability of new aid from the States of America.

The beginning of the war in Ukraine is ending with a frost or close to 750 billion dollars of Russian assets.

Already on the 28th, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, called on the EU to open the negotiations for the recovery of frozen Russian assets for the joint purchase of military property in Ukraine. Vaughn emphasized that there is no strong symbol and a greater value for these pennies, so as to make Ukraine and the whole of Europe safe for living.

In addition, the 7th Bereznya, the region of Ukraine will spend a good time in the conference transfer of Russian assets for 300 billion euros.

The Swiss cantonal council supported the idea of ​​transferring confiscated Russian assets to Ukraine. The parliament's decision gives the opportunity to create an international legal framework for the recovery of assets of the aggressor powers in order to pay reparations to the countries that suffered. The disintegrating initiative that legally transfers frozen assets to the central bank of the aggressor of the country has been attacked.

Before the word, the President’s economic advisor Oleg Ustenko stated that the frozen assets of Russia will not be compensated for the surpluses in Ukraine. “There are about 750 billion dollars here, as we are talking about direct earnings. If additional indirect ones are added, the figure will increase to 1 trillion,” said Posadovets.

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