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The EU plans to provide Ukraine with 20 billion euros in aid bypassing the Ugor region – FT

We have envisioned a new plan to help Ukraine, which will not require the Ugorshchina.

< p>This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via the Financial Times.

The European Union is preparing a backup plan to provide Ukraine with assistance in the amount of up to 20 billion euros, which will not be left behind due to Viktor Orban from Ugorshchina. This plan will be reviewed at the meeting of the 1st, since Orban continues to provide assistance to Ukraine.

To achieve this, the participating countries can provide guarantees to the EU budget. This will allow the European Commission to borrow up to 20 billion euros from capital markets. The exact amount of assistance is still being discussed, depending on the needs of Ukraine.

The EU has already set up a similar scheme for 2020 to help the country overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. The Commission also provided up to 100 billion euros in cheaper financing to support the process. Now the EU wants to implement that very scheme to help Ukraine.

This plan will not require the participation of all EU countries. If the main participants come from countries with high credit ratings, then it will be possible to bypass the veto of the Ugorsk region.

Some countries, for example Germany and the Netherlands, may refuse to ask parliament for the provision of national guarantees. Officials are confident that everything will be done immediately to give Ukraine help before the crisis.

One of the shortcomings of this scheme is that it will not provide loans to Ukraine and does not include grants. The derivatives of the Virishiti Nadati Nadati are granted in the double-sided basics.

Klakhnani, Vid єs

Nagada, the brushed of Minologiy Roku at єvrosoyuzi, vidimi for Ukraine is 50 billion єvro until 2027 Rocks. For such a decision to be praised, absolutely all countries need it. The Ugorshchina vetoed.

We previously reported that the head of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, said that the EU would praise 50 billion for Ukraine. This may be the case for the Ugor region.

The Prime Minister of the Ugor region, Viktor Orban, has already learned that the EU can see 50 billion euros for Ukraine without the land.

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