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The EU praised the additional aid to Ukraine for 50 billion euros

Leaders of the European Union today, February 1, praised the vision for Ukraine 50 billion euros between the Ukraine Facility programs.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with a request for the head of the European Union for the sake of Charles Michel on Twitter.

“We have reached home. All 27 leaders have reached home about the additional 50- A multi-billion dollar support package for Ukraine within the EU budget. This will ensure stable, long-term, transfer of funding for Ukraine,” Michelle wrote.

Vin added that the EU will take over leadership and further developments The Ukrainian subdivision has.

“We know what’s at stake,” added the head of Euroradia.

How far away is it?

In short, based on the information from the ZMI, the leaders agreed that the European Commission is quickly monitoring the costs seen in Ukraine, and the Eurorad is conducting debates on this basis. And, according to Radio Liberty correspondent Ricard Jozwiak, the Ukrainian region does not have the right to a veto in its vision of financial assistance to Ukraine.

In addition, The Guardian sent a document to provide details, and the leaders of the EU countries decided to quickly discuss assistance to Ukraine, and if necessary, look at it in two days. According to the data, the leaders were also of two minds, as was the Prime Minister of the Ugric region, Viktor Orban.

Persha – after two fates, the European Commission will conduct an “examination of expenditures”. And what kind of voting will happen? Another – an “additional approach to the mechanism of hanging the minds of the rule of law” has been implemented.

A different mind has seen the clarification: in 2020, the Russian leaders decided to create a new mechanism that would allow the bloc to increase funding for member power Unfortunately, it does not comply with the norms of the bloc associated with the judicial system.

A new mechanism will be launched in order to reduce part of the financing of the Ugor region from the EU. In this way, Orban was willing to give up his vote in exchange for the unfreezing of European pennies for the Ugorshchina.

In addition, the press secretary of the head of the European Union, Charles Michel, informed about other important things. In his words, the Prime Minister of Ugorsk region gave “green light” after a series of wars last night and today’s conflict with the Prime Ministers of Italy, France and the Chancellor of Germany.

How to react in Ukraine no EU Ukraine

Prime Minister -minister

Prime Minister Denis Shmigal thanked Euroradia President Charles Michel and the leaders of the EU member states for their unstinting encouragement.

“Your voice is the skin of our hearts, but I will help you,” Shmigal wrote.

I guessed that the Ukraine Facility is a very expensive program worth 50 billion euros. A significant portion of these funds will be directed to the state budget and additional assistance in financing the budget deficit.

“One of the brief component with signs of the navigable of the special INvestan Instrument for the grit of the Rizikiv in the Priotary sectors. VIN allow the censer to the dodatkovi koshty at the Iinvestani”, – leaving the prem.


President Volodymyr Zelentsky bowing the heads of Euroradia to Charles Michel and the leaders of the EU member states. Having guessed that the military assistance to Ukraine is also no less important.

“It is very important that the decision was praised by all 27 leaders. We will therefore bring the necessary unity to the European Union. Continuation of the EU financial support for Ukraine will mark our long-term economic and financial stability The strength, which is no less important, is the lower military assistance and the sanctions pressure on Russia,” writing Zelensky.


Prime Minister of Latvia

Prime Minister of Latvia Evika Silina said that the praise of 50 billion aid to Ukraine is “a wonderful new thing for the security of Latvia and the whole of Europe.”

Head of the European Commission

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, publicly expressed her reaction.

“The European Council has confirmed our priorities. Support for Ukraine. Fight against illegal migration. Promotion of European competitiveness. A bright day for Europe,” she wrote.

Prime Minister of Estonia

Prime Minister -Estonian Minister Kaja Kallas emphasized that today’s meeting “demonstrates the unity of the EU and that we can achieve results together.”

Prime Minister of Belgium

Prime Minister of Belgium Oleksandr De Croo stated that this favor shows that the EU is victorious.

“The EU is concluding its debt to Ukraine. We once again confirm the unity of the 27 member states,” – respecting the country.

50 billion euros for Ukraine and the veto of Ugorsk region: a rehistory

Varto guess what’s in the middle Breast 2023 Roku Leaderi EU They gathered for the meeting at the hour when they praised the beginning of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU. In addition, they saw a vision for Kiev of 50 billion euros for 4 years within the Ukraine Facility programs. However, the financing of a positive solution was not achieved through the veto of the Ugorshchina. Also, European leaders decided to move the food price until 1st 2024.

The fragments of Ukraine's vision of 50 billion will require consensus among all members of the Euroradia, then the Ukrainian side, struggling with its ability, hung with different minds after those who are “ready to go to war.” First, the Prime Minister of the Ugorsk region, Viktor Orban, advocated the increase in financial assistance to Ukraine from the EU budget, then his “mechanism”, and from the rest, so that parts of the package worth 50 billion euros were quickly confirmed.

But in advance the snakes learned how the EU leaders could bypass the veto of the Ugorshchina. Reuters, sent to the latest version of the package itself, wrote that European leaders will initiate a heated debate over the aid package for Ukraine. This, as it was seen, may not allow Budapest to veto the money.

What is Ukraine Facility

The European Commission proposed increasing the EU budget for the coming period by 66 billion euros, with 50 billion between them ah Ukraine Facility) transferred for financial support of Ukraine. This initiative was supported by the European Parliament.

The Ukraine Facility program transfers up to 50 billion euros for the period 2024-2027. This program is focused on macro-financial stability, renewal and modernization, simultaneously implementing key reforms on the path to Ukraine’s accession to the EU. And also the transition to a green, digital and inclusive economy, which is gradually brought into line with the rules and standards of the European Union.

Previously it was reported that the assistance package for Ukraine was worth 50 billion euros – Ukraine Fac ility – available for 17 billion euros grants and 33 billion euros position. And as stated by the President of the European Union Ursula von der Leyen, it is planned to cover up to 45% of Ukraine’s total financial needs until 2027.

So they chanted in the EU that Ukraine cannot be deprived without support. Thus, EU Ambassador to Ukraine Katarina Maternova stated that the EU always has a “plan B” for whatever happens. Read more about the EU itself and 50 billion euros to Ukraine in our material.

For terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine, read on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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