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The European Commission wants all countries to have benefits for Ukraine, and a ready-made alternative

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen called the weather the main priority among 27 member states of the European Union decision about the creation of the Ukrainian Fund. A backup option is being prepared depending on the consensus in the bloc.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine, which was asked to broadcast von der Leyen at a press conference in Brussels.

Responding to power supply shodo the possibility of a praised decision in the EU about funding for Ukraine in the amount of tens of billions of euros, which Ugorshchina vetoed at the breast, the president of the EC allowed another way to resolve the situation ї.

“To be honest, home ownership among all 27 countries (EU members – Ed.) is the first priority. We must be prepared for other options – operational solutions for which we are preparing immediately,” she said.

Von der Leyen also called it an important step to transfer to Ukraine the remaining tranche of the EU package of macro-financial assistance amounting to 18 billion euros.

At the same time, Brussels has “a small reserve of time… to achieve results” The creation of the Ukrainian Fund was welcomed by EU leaders, the President of the European Commission added.

At the start of this Belgian Presidency, let us all be inspired by Jacques Delors' energy and faith in Europe. We should always remember his advice to future generations: “La Grande Europe a son avenir devant elle.” N'ayez pas peur, nous y arriverons. » https://t.co/t7NUE678bC

— Ursula von der Leyen (@vonderleyen) January 5, 2024 Fund assistance to Ukraine from the EU

Apparently, the European Commission previously allocated 50 billion euros to Ukraine for 2024-2027. The leaders of the EU countries reviewed this initiative just before the 14th anniversary. UNIKA-MINITROR of the Ugorschshchini Viktor Orban Vytlav Veto on the Rishhennya, I wanted 26 Krajan-member block of the Yogo pyditrimali block.

Now the Patanna of the Klastyani is about the oramomoma samitі єs on the blessed of the fierce. One of the options is bilateral agreements between Ukraine and EU members for special sums.

21st head of the Ugorsk region Orban stated that his position has not changed. In my opinion, if there is any help for Ukraine, I may press for a shorter term, a lower proposition.

On the same day, 21 June, the European Commission re-invested Ukraine's remaining tranche by 1.5 billion euros per package at macro-financial assistance. Zagalom Kiev took away 18 billion euros from the 2023 growth in the form of long-term government loans.

Previously, President EC von der Leyen respected that the European Union is preparing a backup plan for Ukraine at the beginning of 2024 no assistance in the amount of 50 billion euros.

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