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The Finnish intelligence service called the Russian Federation the most serious threat to national security

The Russian Federation is the most serious threat to the national security of Finland ii. It goes as far as espionage and hybrid influx.

The Finnish security police have stated this, RBC-Ukraine reported to Yle.

It is clear that the threat of Russian espionage and influx of attempts has been eliminated high, Although the operational capabilities of the Russian special services have weakened.

The security police believe that Finland's membership in NATO has had a positive impact on the situation. The intelligence service also guessed that Russia was dissatisfied with the changed foreign policy and the security policy of Finland.

Vikonuvach obov'yazki kerivnik security police Teemu Turunen said that kerovanny migration for the Russian Federation is lost in a simple way to calm Finland under pressure.

Russian population of the region

Special service clarified Well, why shouldn’t the Russian population become more local? great threat to the security of the region.

Special investigator Petteri Lalu emphasized that the Russians who live in Finland are essentially heterogeneous.

“These people do not form a single entity and do not organize themselves into any kind Rukh in Finland, as we respect. There are different interests in Russia. Actors, madly, support the policy of the Russian Federation, but, obviously, most of them do not support it, “added Lala.

Russian spies in European countries

U s It has become clear that the court in Rome convicted the officer The Italian Navy-Navy Fleet received up to 20 years of imprisonment for suspicion of spying for the benefit of Russia.

A spy officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was detained in Bulgaria. This is suspected of espionage for the benefit of Russia.

And recently the Financial Times wrote that Russia is actively renewing its espionage war with the Sunset. Moscow's publication of negotiations between German officers before sending cruise missiles to Ukraine is just one of the remaining applications.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the channel RBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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