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The first group of Ukrainian pilots will finish their training on the F-16 before the flight, – CNN

The first group of Ukrainian pilots, which consists of several aspects, end training program on flights F- 16 before the summer of 2024.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from CNN.

According to data from the Arizona National Guard, the first Ukrainian pilots plan to complete training on the F- 16 until summer. The pilots began training in the middle of last year at the 162nd Airlift Wing in Tucson, Arizona. The Pentagon said that the process has begun for three months.

According to the words of Captain Erin Hannigan, a representative of the Arizona National Guard, a friend of a group of four pilots, the beginning of the process has begun in the present day, and the third A group of four pilots is currently undergoing training English language, which is necessary for the flights.

It is clear that all pilots will finish starting from the grass to the middle, Hannigan said, wanting to keep the exact terms during the course of the program.

It was blowing.

On the 18th, Foreign Policy reported that Ukraine could cancel the first low-cost F-16s in 2024. Of course, we are talking about worms.

The military forces have not confirmed and have not lost sight of the seizure of the guilty F-16s by Ukraine already in worms, having dared to talk about the terms. At the Tsoma there, they were embedded there, the adaptation of the adaptation of the pіd-zi type Litaka.

at the front of 17 fierce, preming, Mark Rutta, stating the process of transmission vinischi-16 Ukrainian Yade behind the graph. Ukraine may withdraw more than 20 combat flights.

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