• 22/04/2024 19:22

The Great Earth Coward of Japan: Infrastructure Provisions Exceeded 6 Billion Dollars

Blocks for infrastructure like the great earthtruder, who dug Japan 1st century, can move 6.4 billions of dollars.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Reuters.

Completely assessing disaster modeling firms Karen Clark & Co, about 70 hundred thousand of the earth's sums fall on the sum of the living debris, the fragments of commercial and industrial activity in the affected areas turned out to be mainly seismic.

It is also said that that at the first stage the cost of the affected region will be 32.3 million dollars to support the areas affected by the disaster. The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, has already asked the Minister of Finance to reconsider the budgetary position of the government for the upcoming financial crisis, confirmed in the chest.

In the words of the Japanese Prime Minister Yes, this may include direct reserve funds, which have not yet been subject to financial doom, which is troubling until pregnancy.

Earthtruss near Japan

Guess what, on the 1st day it became known about a strong earthquake near Japan with a magnitude of 7.6 points. After this, over the course of the day, a series of strong repeated earthquakes emerged – over 100 of them were recorded in 12 years.

As of the evening of the 1st day, it became clear that there were a few more earthquakes that died as a result. Over the years, the number of victims identified has grown rapidly. Thus, earlier Tuesday evening, it was reported that 57 earthquakes died as a result of Japan.

Later, it was reported that the number of victims of the strong earthquake had grown to 92 individuals; at home Also, as a result of the earthquake and tsunami, 10 national highways were blocked by roads.

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