• 17/06/2024 19:19

The IAEA recorded a power outage at Zaporizhzhya NPP due to “military activity”

Agency representatives at the station heard artillery salvos, after which the 330-kilovolt line was turned off.

IAEA recorded power outage of Zaporozhye NPP due to >> another report on the situation in Zaporozhye NPP. On April 4, a single 330 kilovolt power line was cut off at the station.

According to information posted on the IAEA website, the reason was not clear at first. However, later agency employees at the station said that they heard artillery salvoes, and the day before, missile strikes.

Due to the shutdown of the 330-kilovolt line, the Zaporizhia NPP was left with only one backup power line at 750 kilovolts . Before the full-scale invasion, the station was equipped with four 750 kV and six 330 kV lines.

According to IAEA Director Rafael Grossi, “once again during this devastating war, Europe's largest nuclear power plant has lost power needed for reactor cooling and other key safety functions. These events underline that there is a real nuclear threat.” .

  • In March, the IAEA adopted a resolution to immediately return the Zaporizhia NPP to the control of Ukraine.
  • The agency stated that it did not have full access to the premises of the station in order to verify information about the placement of military equipment there .


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