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The Israeli army carried out targeted strikes on Hamas militant targets near Rafah

The Israeli army carried out targeted strikes on targets of Hamas militants This part of Rafah on the day Gaza Strip.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in a message sent to the Israeli army and Haaretz on Telegram.

The Israeli army called on civilians from a similar part of Rafah to go to the humanitarian zone for getting the first help ukrittya.

“This evening we call on those who are in specific areas, which we were informed and informed by all means – radio, media, Internet and leaflets – in similar Rafah, collapse in the expanded humanitarian and zones in Al-Mawasi and Khan-Yunis. “We will be withdrawing all humanitarian assistance and will be given water, food, medical supplies and water,” said IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari.

Member of the military cabinet for Israel Benny Gantz also stated that the military operation in Rafas is an invisible part of the ongoing efforts to return the abducted civilians by Hamas militants to Israel. He also noted that every decision will be submitted to the military cabinet for review, and there will be no daily political deliberations in them.

What happened

Rafah is a place on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip, bordering the border with Egypt. Today, the only Hamas-controlled region is the Gaza Strip after the Israeli army occupied all other parts of the enclave. The city has 1.5 million refugees from other parts of the region.

Recently, the high-ranking Soviet and military generals increasingly announced to Israel their intention to conduct a military operation in Rafah. They explained the need for the military invasion to the place because Hamas militants are in the middle of the civilian population, and also to eliminate terrorist groups.

Uchora, May 6, it became clear that the Israelis The Polish army began calling on the Rafah meshkans before evacuation due to similar quarters before the IDF's planned attack on the site. The Israeli army began distributing leaflets near a similar part of Rafah, issuing text messages and calling Palestinians with evacuation instructions.

A day earlier, according to Axios, the United States slowed down the supplies for the army to Israel, relying on this method to speed up the attack IDF on Rafah.

Likewise, the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Charles Brown, presented an alternative to the IDF's ground offensive on the site of Rafah. ZMI reported that the administration of the White House called on Israel to consider a large-scale attack on the population of the area.

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