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The main thing for Monday, December 25: The battles for Marinka, theses of the new rules of mobilization

76 military clashes, enemy shelling, attacks on the Red Cross base in the Kherson region. How will the 670th day of a full-scale war be remembered?

The main thing for Monday, December 25: The battles for Marinka, theses of the new mobilization rules

=”MsoNormal”>The Verkhovna Rada plans to consider a bill on new rules for mobilization and military service on January 10, 2024. Among the proposed changes: abolition of military service, reduction of the conscription age and new grounds for release – being in captivity, disability of 1-2 groups and service during martial law for 36 months.

This was reported to LB.ua by sources in the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence.

“There is no final text. We are still continuing to discuss at the working group level,” said one of the Committee members.

Another member of the security committee added that “it will be considered in the first reading in the Verkhovna Rada on January 10. “There is no text, but there are basic provisions,” the people’s deputy said.

What norms the current version of the bill provides for is in our news.

Later it became known that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, as a subject of legislative initiative, registered a bill on mobilization in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

This was reported by the representative of the Cabinet of Ministers in the Verkhovna Rada Taras Melnichuk.

The draft Law “On amendments to certain legislative acts of Ukraine to improve certain issues of mobilization, military registration and military service” has registration number 10378.

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers introduced a bill “On the introduction amendments to the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses and the Criminal Code of Ukraine regarding increased liability for military offenses,” which has registration number 10379. military clashes.

The enemy launched missile and 19 air strikes, carried out 30 attacks from multiple launch rocket systems on the positions of our troops and populated areas. Russian terrorist attacks have unfortunately resulted in civilian casualties. Private residential buildings and other civilian infrastructure were destroyed and damaged.

In the Limansky direction, the Defense Forces repelled 24 enemy attacks in the area of ​​Serebryansky forestry, Belogorivka, Luhansk region and Vesely, Donetsk region, where the enemy, with the support of aviation, tried to break through the defenses of our troops.

In the Avdeevsky direction, our defenders 20 enemy attacks were repelled in the areas east of Novobakhmutovka, Stepnoy, Avdeevka, and another 12 attacks in the Pervomaiskoye and Nevelskoye areas of the Donetsk region, where the enemy unsuccessfully tried to break through the defenses of our troops.

More about the operational situation as of 18:00 December 25 – in our news.

The Russians did not capture Marinka, the battle for the city continues. The speaker of the joint press center of the Tauride Defense Forces, Alexander Shtupun, announced this during the telethon.

“The fighting for Marinka continues. Now our military personnel are within the administrative borders of Marinka, but the city is completely destroyed. But to say about the complete capture of Maryinka is incorrect,” Shtupun emphasized.

This is how the Ukrainian military responded to a fake statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense, which reported the alleged complete capture of the village.

As for the situation in Avdievka, Ukrainian fighters there are steadfastly holding the defense and inflicting considerable losses on Russia. /p>

“There is always a threat – encirclement, a breakthrough. But we are pulling up reserves, we are reformatting, we are inflicting losses on the enemy every day. He is losing 300-400 people there dead and wounded and a lot of military equipment” , – added the representative.

According to him, the Russians are adding reserves, in particular equipment. But it is no longer of the same quality as it was. The enemy regularly recruits personnel.

The Russian army destroyed the third humanitarian aid base of the Red Cross in the Kherson region.

“They attacked the warehouses of other organizations twice, but just recently they attacked our humanitarian aid train, the Red Cross train… They hit us with suicide bombers, they hit them with precision. For example, three bombers flew into our train; everything burned down,” Public Radio quotes the commander Nikolai Taranenko, Kherson regional rapid response unit of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine.

According to him, enemy shelling of Kherson and the region does not subside – from 30 to 50 strikes daily.

The Verkhovna Rada by resolution determined a list of memorable dates for 2024 and 2025. In particular, the anniversaries of Parajanov, Ivasyuk and Shevchenko will be celebrated in 2024.

The most complete picture of today is on our website. We hope that there will be more good news tomorrow.

Let's hold on and bring Victory closer!


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