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The main thing for Saturday, April 20: the long-awaited vote in the US Congress, shelling of Odessa, attacks on Volchansk and Dnepropetrovsk region

Battles in the Bakhmut and Novopavlovsk directions, 91 military clashes, enemy shelling. How will the 787th day of a full-scale war be remembered?

The main thing for Saturday, April 20: the long-awaited vote in Congress, ></p>
<p> Consequences of the Russian strike on the private sector in Odessa </p>
<p class=Today, April 20, the US House of Representatives approved a bill to help Ukraine worth more than $60 billion.

The package of more than $60 billion was supported by the majority of congressmen in the US House of Representatives: 310 congressmen are in favor , 112 votes were cast against.

Now the issue should be considered by the Senate.

Also, the US House of Representatives passed a bill on the seizure of frozen assets of the Russian Federation and aid bills for Israel and Taiwan.

Meanwhile, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that 91 military clashes took place during the day.

In general, the enemy launched 14 missile and 48 air strikes, carried out 61 attacks from multiple launch rocket systems on positions our troops and settlements.

In the Bakhmut direction, our soldiers repelled 25 attacks in the areas of the settlements of Belogorovka in the Luhansk region, Verkhnekamennoe, Spornoe, Klishchievka, Ivanovskoe, Novy in the Donetsk region, where the enemy tried to improve tactical position.

In the Avdeevsky direction, our defenders repelled 18 attacks in the areas of the settlements of Semenovka, Novokalinovo, Ocheretino, Berdichi, Umanskoye, Yasnobrodovka, Donetsk region, where the enemy, with the support of aviation, tried to oust our units from their occupied lines.< /p>

In the Novopavlovsk direction, the Defense Forces continue to contain the enemy in the areas of the settlements of Georgievka, Novomikhailovka, Vodyanoye and Urozhaynoye in the Donetsk region, where the enemy, with the support of aviation, tried 17 times to break through the defenses of our troops.

More details about the operational situation as of 18:00 on April 20 – in our news.

On Saturday, April 20, the Russian army launched a strike with planning ammunition on the city of Volchansk, Kharkov region. A man was killed and two people were injured, regional police reported.

“Today, at about 8:15, the Russians shelled the city of Volchansk. Police, rescuers, and doctors arrived at the scene. According to preliminary data, the Russian military struck with a unified interspecific UMPB planning munition,” the message says.

According to the head of the Kharkov Police Department Oleg Sinegubov, as a result of a hit on another private household, a 50-year-old civilian died on the spot.

“The Russian troops also targeted an ordinary 9-story building. The third entrance of the house was destroyed. The roof of the second entrance was partially destroyed. Two people were released from the apartment. A 61-year-old woman was injured, she was hospitalized, her condition is average. A 44-year-old man was also injured “, said the head of the OBA.

As a result of the shelling, the entrance to a nine-story building was destroyed. The roof of the second entrance was partially destroyed. A woman and a man were injured. A 60-year-old man who was working in his garden died.

Investigators opened criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Art. 438 (violation of the laws and customs of war) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Russian occupation forces again attacked the Dnepropetrovsk region on April 20.

As reported by the head of the OVA Sergei Lisak, the Dnieper region came under fire. The attack resulted in one casualty. “A 54-year-old man was killed. At the time of the impact, he was repairing a car nearby,” added the head of the region.

Due to the shelling, a fire broke out and was put out by rescuers.

Russian occupation forces attacked the private sector of Odessa. As a result, two people were injured and a three-year-old child was also injured. This was announced by the head of the Odessa OBA Oleg Kiper.

“The enemy does not stop terrorizing the civilian population. As a result of another missile strike on Odessa, fires broke out in the private sector. Residential buildings were destroyed, in one of which there were a woman and a child. They were rescued. Now we know of two adults with minor injuries, they refused hospitalization. The injured three-year-old child was hospitalized,” he wrote in Telegram.

The Office of the Prosecutor General clarified that as a result of the attack, 8 local residents were injured of varying degrees of severity, including two children – 2021 and 20 years of birth. The victims are receiving medical assistance.

At least 20 private houses were damaged.

As a result of a night attack on police officers in the Vinnytsia region, a 20-year-old man died National Police officer Maxim Zaretsky.

The deceased served in the patrol police response sector.

“My husband's parents were left without their only son. He was a patriot, reliable comrade, conscientious and dedicated law enforcement officer,” the message says.

The most complete picture of today is on our website. We hope that tomorrow there will be more good news.

Let's hold on and bring Victory closer!


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