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The military told how they solve the problem of shortage of ammunition at the front

There is a shortage of 122 and 152 caliber ammunition.

The military told how they solve the problem of shortage of ammunition at the front

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Representative of the joint press center of the Forces defense of the Tauride direction, Alexander Shtupun, on the air of the telethon, called this shortage “palpable.”

However, our soldiers find a way out of this situation. According to Shtupun, for this purpose, the use of drones, so-called FPV drones, and “drop drones” has increased.

Also, according to the speaker, Ukrainian units do not have enough Soviet shells, but “the 155-mm NATO-style artillery is currently operating, it is much more accurate and allows us to carry out the tasks that we are now facing.”

What is known about Ukraine's ammunition from the EU

  • It recently became known that EU member states ordered only 60 thousand artillery shells for Ukraine according to the planned scheme developed in March and promised help deliver 1 million ammunition to Ukraine by spring 2024.
  • European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said last month that Europe would increase aid to Ukraine to 480,000 rounds and next year increase its ammunition production capacity to 1 million rounds per year.
  • < li> Also, the European Union informed member states that it is unlikely to fulfill its commitment to provide Ukraine with a million ammunition before March next year.

  • However, this month information emerged that the EU should provide Ukraine with half a million ammunition by the end of the year, and will deliver the promised million in 2024.


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