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The Ministry of Defense has been asked if you request the electronic office of a military conscript

The electronic office of the military conscript will request the 18th of May.

About RBC-Ukraine informs about the request of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine to support digital development, digital transformation and digitalization, Katerina Chernogorenko, on the air of Radio Liberty.

“18 March The Ministry of Defense launches , as prescribed by law, the electronic office of military doctors “This infection is literally being created, and we are removing all necessary documents so that they are available to all our citizens,” said Chernorenko.

In these words, in order to update the data in the e-account, you will need to log in to your mobile account, log in and fill in the necessary “fields”.

The Intercessor of the Minister stated that since May 18, there will be chills You are required to register your data (telephone number, email and actual residential address) in three available formats – in the TCC, through the CNAP or through the electronic account of the military service.

“We are working on this so that this very simple and manual function is available in the moment – log in, fill in three “fields” and select the information from the database of military “Oberigs” in order to transfer , which data is according to you registry,” added Chernogorenko.

Vona also expanded, so that in order to update the data, it will be enough to quickly stagnate, without withdrawing the TCC.

“It will be possible to work remotely, without visiting the TCC. Next, to clarify other data, if necessary, the TCC will contact the sick patients and then work between the sick sick people You can update this data directly from the TCC clerk. at any point, including from behind the cordon. We respect that the number of military diseases that will be affected by this functionality can reach 70-80%, so it will be much easier “- said the minister's intercessor defense.

Electronic cabinet of the military military service

It is likely that on the 16th of today the Verkhovna Rada praised the bill for the digitalization of the army.

The document conveys the launch of a full-fledged electronic military service in Ukraine. Zokrema, there is a need for an electronic office of military officials.

2nd quarter, President Volodymyr Zelensky signed the new law.

Previously, the Ministry of Defense announced that they plan to launch an electronic office in Iyskovozobov's already spoken to another quarters of 2024.

The Ministry of Defense explains that such an e-cabinet should be applied to a skin disease-related person, regardless of whether they are involved in it. Registration in any case will be voluntary and does not require anything.

Meta service is required to simplify the updating of your data without going to the TCC or CNAP where all conscripts, busy and reserves are running low appear within 60 days from the day the new law on mobilization comes into force. After this, the Vikorist Committee will collect this data from its own robot.

In this case, the notices will not be forced in the electronic account.

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