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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation confirms an attack on the occupation of Crimea and the shooting down of dozens of drones

In the time-occupied Crimea, the forces of Russia's anti-war defense were working against 3 people there are no such fireplaces through a massive attack from the stagnation of drones. Before this, there was a series of strikes in the region.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via messages on Telegram of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

How to confirm in the defense department of the aggressor country, we are talking about 38 drones iv. In this “infusion,” the Russian side traditionally calls Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry announced yesterday that they had “tested” drone attacks on certain targets.

Zokrema, the department is talking about beggar there were 38 drones over the territory of occupied Crimea.

Vibrations in occupied Crimea on the night of 3 February

Earlier this night it was reported that near the town of Feodosia at the gathering of the hourly occupied Crimea tight bulges. In the local public pages they talked about the work of the PPO in the city on drones, which are obviously planning to attack the city's oil depot.

At the same time, they published a few videos about such a nightly “bavovna”.

Krim that The occupation “administration” announced the blocking of the automobile traffic on the Krim bridge.

The situation at Krim

It is significant that Krim's people are increasingly feeling vibrations. The Ukrainian defense forces have already carried out dozens of operations on the pier near the Black Sea, knowing Russian bases, warehouses and ships.

Meanwhile, the chief of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense Kirilo Budanov announced new surprises in Crimea , and also please don’t show off Kerch Bridge.

It is possible that one year in the occupied Crimea also suffered from bruises, and then the Russian interventionists complained about the missile attack.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the channel RBC-Ukraine on Telegram.

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