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The Ministry of Justice wants to allow the convicted to fight, they have already asked for changes to the law

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has ordered changes in the type of people with a criminal record may be able to reach the defense of the country, even The mobilization of convicts has been legally prohibited.

This was stated by the intercessor of the Minister of Justice Olena Visotska, informing RBC-Ukraine that it was sent to the broadcast of Ukrainian Radio.

“Today The current norm of law does not allow those convicted to receive “love,” said the minister’s intercessor.

Following Visotskaya’s words, we are talking not only about those who immediately face punishment, but about those who have been convicted before and have already faced punishment.

“The stinks live among us, they are so afraid, they worry so much, and they may just be brown, but, unfortunately, the stinks have been removed from the military form and cannot help the army every day,” she explained.

Chi vidmovit TCC in mobilization of a hugely condemned

Behind Visotskaya’s words, at today’s TCC they are advising people in the mobilization, as they have already had a criminal record.

“The first barrier is the legislator, so we asked the legislators for changes and submitted them to the committee. Oh yeah, that's why The army may soon become subject to such a category of people, such as the excessive judgments or the current ones, as they are added to,” explained the intercessor of the minister.

If there may be changes

“Since we are currently having discussions in committees, I think it’s a long time before the new rules of mobilization are praised,” said Vysotska.

However, she was ahead of the curve that there are no guarantees that the nya With the condemned, it is important to conclude that this discussion, in other words, cannot ignore other important changes.

“It is possible that changes, for example, to the condemned, as already in a few rocks came back from “incrimination, or they were convicted for crimes,” she added.

Mobilization in Ukraine

At the late press conference last year, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that the General Staff would ask for an additional mobilization of 450-500 thousand people.

In other words, for this there is a comprehensive plan, which will also include feeding those who are fighting for two years without a change.

After which the Cabinet of Ministers introduced a great bill for the sake of before mobilization. The document, among other things, proposes to reduce the age-old threshold for mobilization from 27 to 25 years, to speed up the transfer of categories that do not apply to it, and also to expand the dispatch of summons to the TCC by electronic mail.

< p>The Commander-in-Chief of the ZSU Valery Zaluzhny reacted to the new draft law mobilization. We respected that the General Staff and the ZSU did not bother to pay daily taxes to the Cabinet and the Verkhovna Rada.

In addition, Zaluzhny recently spoke out against the norms about bringing to the army those convicted and convicted. Having realized that the army is not a place for filthy people.

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