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The more Russians we recruit, the more effective the exchange will be, – Zelensky

Exchange of military personnel, which took place on Wednesday, 3 September, being one of the most shih z cob full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine.

As reported by RBC-Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky stated this to his bestial President.

“Today, all the same, all the shouts – great news for a long time already . It was possible to release from the Russian army about 200 of our people. Warriors and – most importantly – civilians. We remember all the Ukrainians who are in Russian captivity. There was a long pause in exchanges, and so on. there was no pause in the negotiations before the exchanges,” said Zelensky.

Having respected that Ukraine has excellent skin capacity for exchange. On every international issue, as much as we can help, Ukraine is breaking the topic of turning around the captives

“I am glad that the exchange has been unblocked. Both the Armed Forces soldiers and the National Guard soldiers have returned home. The guards, the Navy soldiers, the majority are soldiers and sergeants, and officers. A really good day for Ukraine. Some of our warriors are hissniks Mariupol and “Azovstal”, – the president said.

Behind Zelensky's words, about some of these prisoners, there was no evidence that the stench was in full. And it was important that the stench had disappeared.

“Thanks to the entire team, who worked hard to ensure that the exchanges were successful! Budanov, Ermak, Usov, Malyuk, Klimenko. And, of course, I am dedicated to every one of our warriors on the front line, who will take the occupiers from full and replenish our exchange fund How many more Russians are there? If we take it in full, then the more effective will be the re-movements before the exchanges,” he added.

Exchange of the full ones

Guess what, Ukraine and Russia haven’t exchanged soldiers for months. However, in the middle of the 3rd day, it became clear that Ukraine had turned back from the Russian army 230 military personnel who were harrowing Mariupol and Azovstal.

Already in the middle of the fall of leaves, a representative of the Coordination Headquarters was supplying military forces from Viyskovopol they named Petro Yatsenko saying, that Russia has frozen this process.

In which case, he indicated that negotiations on the exchange of troops with Russia will continue.

On the cob, President Zelensky said that the process of exchanging troops from Ukraine with Russia is complicated through aggressor country. However, the Ukrainian side was working on the turn of the nasty number of the defenders. Surely, then I heard about today’s exchange.

Before this exchange, there was a 7th sickle. At the end of the day, 22 soldiers returned home, including two officers, privates and sergeants from the military service.

It seems that earlier the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Kirilo Budanov, had confirmed that he would immediately discuss with Russia an exchange of military personnel “for all іх”, and already are approaching a positive result.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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