• 20/06/2024 08:47

The NBU has raised the official dollar exchange rate again

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has weakened the exchange rate of the hryvnia to the dollar. The American currency has risen in price after a slight decline in the previous year.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this as posted on the regulator’s website.

The official exchange rate for April 2, 2024 is set at the following level: 39, 6370 hryvnia for 1 dollar (+0.1219).

Photo: official exchange rates for 2 May (screenshot from bank.gov.ua)< /p>

At the same time, the euro fell a little, the rate became 42.2986 hryvnia for 1 euro (-0.0655 UAH).

Photo : dynamics of the official exchange rate of the hryvnia to the dollar and the euro (screenshot from the site bank.gov.ua)

On the interbank market today, the exchange rate is five cents – up to 39.54-39.60 UAH /dollar (purchase and sales) adjusted from the 30th quarter closure.

Photo: interbank rate (screenshot from udinform.com)

At exchange offices in Ukraine throughout the day, the dollar rate rose to 39.87 UAH/dollar.

Why the dollar is more expensive

Since then, the hryvnia has devalued to the dollar by more than 4%. According to the expert and the big head for the National Bank Bogdan Danylyshyn, the reason is the unbalancing of foreign currency exchange on the market.

On the 22nd quarter of 2024, the NBU sold 7.4 billion dollars to the interbank bank, and the previous year net sales China's currencies were abnormally high, as a result of the dynamics of the first quarter. The growth of the popu for a dollar is important tied to the pressure on the side of the population. Ukrainians gained 2.5 billion dollars in the first quarter, which is twice as much as in the same period in 2023.

In addition, Ukrainian banks will continue to increase their external assets, which have increased in the first and three months of 2024 for 1 billion dollars .

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