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The number of “Ednovlenya” certificates has grown over the past three months: how many applications have been processed

Over the past 3 months, the volume of work with applications submitted for compensation for poor living according to the program “Renewal”. The number of types of housing certificates has more than doubled, which means a new home for over 5 thousand. Ukrainian families.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with a message to the head of the Verkhovna Rada committee for the nutrition of the organization of state power, local self-government, regional development and location, the head of the “Servant of the People” party “Olen Shulyak.

< p>Thus, in the 17th quarter, the regional commissions, created under the local self-government bodies, collected 73% of all applications for this type of compensation applications. Moreover, three months ago, the commissions processed only 48% of applications submitted. In Ukraine, you can pay 4 times more for applying for the “Update” compensation.

According to Shulyak, due to the fact that the Russian Federation continues to deplete Ukrainian settlements, more and more people are complaining about compensation. Apparently, the number of applications filed is also growing, causing more and more commissions to be paid.

Ninya received a maximum of 9.2 thousand. applying for compensation for poor living conditions of more than 12.5 thousand. tributes. And itself – 73%.

“Three months ago, until 17 June 2024, our commissions received 4272 applications from 8674 submissions. That's 48%. As we know, this figure has increased significantly. I to result “Today we were able to issue 5.5 thousand life certificates, despite the fact that as of 17 this year the number of births has doubled,” Shulyak said.

In these words, the best deals with applications in the Kiev, Donetsk and Kherson regions, where 88%, 72% and 77% of applications have already been received. The total number of life certificates seen there is approximately 2.4 thousand.

The pace of work with applications for compensation for damage to life is also increasing. None of the commissions submitted 82% of applications – 70 thousand with a maximum of 85 thousand. According to the results, 51.5 thousand applicants have been paid for a total amount of 5.5 billion hryvnia.

“There are already 649 commissions working on applications from citizens, despite the fact that at the start of the program there were just over 500 of them. Moreover, we are constantly creating new ones, as the program itself is expanding – new categories are being launched ї payment, then work for the commission, obviously, побільшає. Ми це розуміємо, тому постійно наголошуємо про необхідність створення комісій тим громадам, які цього ще зробили. Нагадаю – не менше ніж третину членів комісій повинні складати представники громадськості. Це наш антикорупційний запобіжник”, – підкреслила Шуляк.

The people's deputy also said that it would be nice to pay 300 thousand for the compensation “Evіdnovlennya”, so that it would be 4 times more, the amount collected at the same time would be 79 thousand.

We guess that your life has suffered view Russian aggression, you can submit an application for compensation “Ednovlennya”. If the house has been damaged, the attack algorithm:

  • On the page on the portal or in the “Action” post, the citizen provides information about the damage to the main;
  • Offline or online, I create a bank card “Ednovlennia” in one of the partner banks or at the Diya account;
  • Submit an application for compensation through the Diya.
  • Special commission created by the local government authorities nya, I will complete the statement, look at my life and praise the decision for the generosity of the assistance given. The amount of assistance is disbursed by the commission according to a clear checklist approved by the Order.

If your house was not damaged, but reduced, the algorithm is different. Required:

  • Submit an application for compensation through the portal or zastosunka Diya, through the Center for Administrative Services (TSNAP), or at a notary. Before submitting an application through the CNAP, check that the object of registration in the State Registry of Speech Rights on the Internet is main. Without which, compensation will not be issued;
  • To wait until the commission is thoroughly covered, it will take 30 days. There is a decision about the payment of compensation;
  • Remove the life certificate from the depositor;
  • Choose a new life and reserve the cash for a new one in Diya. Within 5 working days, the registration office will receive confirmation of the reservation;
  • Apply for the right to authority over low-income housing and registration of purchase and sale. It takes 5 days to find the seller.

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