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The number of victims of the deadly earthquake in Japan has increased again

The number of victims of a series of violent earthquakes that began in Japan 1 September, 3 increased to 180 osib, 81 of them died at the Wajima town.

RBC-Ukraine reported this in a post on Kyodo.

It is also reported that at least 120 people are respected by the known ones. Emergency services cannot contact them to confirm their release. The number of victims becomes 565 people. At the evacuation points, approximately 28 thousand residents of the districts who were exposed to the earthquakes continue to experience.

Japanese police report that due to the collapse of the infrastructure in the lower part of the city, roads are blocked, That's why the twisting station had at least 3300 individuals, most importantly in places Wajima and Suzu.

In order to clear the minds of those affected, the prefecture is implementing a “secondary evacuation” initiative, in which people will be moved from other places to be evacuated to their homes and hotels. iv.

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Guess what, on the 1st of today an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 was recorded near Japan. After this, over the course of the day, a series of strong repeated earthquakes was observed – over 100 of them were recorded in 12 years.

As of the evening of the 1st day, it became clear that there were a few more earthquakes that died as a result. However, the number of victims identified grew rapidly. Thus, earlier Tuesday evening it was reported that 57 earthquakes died as a result of the earthquakes in Japan.

Later it was reported that the number of victims of the powerful earthquake had grown to 92 individuals, while the local population was still 242 – not at home Also, as a result of the earthquake and tsunami, 10 national highways were blocked by roads.

On the evening of Saturday 6th, it became known that the number of victims of the earthquake in Japan had increased to 126 people. There were 210 people in the news.

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