• 13/06/2024 00:29

The number of wounded as a result of the attack on the station in Balakleya increased to 13

As of yesterday, 11 casualties were known.

The number of people injured in the attack on the station in Balaklia has grown to 13

Russia hit the station in Balaklia

Kilki there are wounded legacies of Russia’s blow yesterday Balakliya grew up to 13.

This was reported by the Kharkov Regional Prosecutor's Office. As of yesterday, 11 wounded were known.

The Russians struck the Balakleya station yesterday at about 16:40. The railway tracks, train and station building were damaged.

According to preliminary data, the enemy struck with an Iskander-M missile with a fragmentation warhead exploding in the air. “These actions from the Russian Federation were aimed at causing a large number of civilian casualties, because it was at that time that a train with people was arriving at the railway station,” the prosecutor’s office noted.


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