• 23/04/2024 22:12

The occupiers hit Kharkov with S-300 missiles (updated)

Two explosions were heard near private residential buildings.

The occupiers hit Kharkov with S-300 missiles (updated)

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On Sunday evening

This was reported mayor Igor Terekhov.

“Kharkov is under missile attack. There have already been several explosions in the city,” he noted.

The mayor said that it “flew” near private residential buildings. According to preliminary information, there was no destruction or casualties.

Chairman of the Kharkov Regional State Administration Oleg Sinegubov noted that the invaders launched two strikes on the city, first with S-300 missiles.

Hits were also recorded in Volchanskaya community. The relevant services continue to inspect the sites. There is no information about the victims yet.

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  • Previously, actress Victoria Timoshenko died as a result of a Russian attack in Kharkov.
  • The Russian army struck Kharkov on the morning of January 2. There were several arrivals in the city center and in residential areas. At first they reported one death and more than fifty wounded. According to the police, the enemy struck with Iskander missiles.


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