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“The ostrich position.” Lubinets criticized the Chervony Khrest for the lack of response to the atrocities of the Russian Federation

The International Federation of Chervony Khrest takes the “ostrich position” in the feeding of evil occupiers c, the fragments do not determine the position support of Ukraine and the judgment of the Russian Federation.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with a message to the Supreme Head of Ukraine for Human Rights Dmitry Lubints on the air of the national telethon.

In his words, today's his confederation with the President of the International Federation of Chervony Khrest, having handed over documents to the evildoers of the Russian Chervony Khrest, which violates the principles of neutrality, directly collects assistance for the military Russian army, and Organizations from the Russian Federation are working with the so-called head of the Artek camp near Krim.

“And the direct assistance of the Chervony Krest of the Russian Federation results in the fact that Ukrainian children are illegally going through the so-called procedure of military training, retraining there. So, the Russian Chervony Krest is directly taking part in the process and illegal change of identification of Ukrainian children,” Lubinets said.

“The position of the ostrich”

The ombudsman also handed over documents that confirm that the Russian Chervony Khrest since 2014 has been illegally vikorist’s mine, which happened at the Volodin Ukrainian Chervony Khrest in Crimea.

“In fact, 10 rocks, how the Russians stole most of the Ukrainians and all 10 rocks, the International Federation, which includes the Russian Red Cross, takes the position of an ostrich. “They can detect it, but they can't detect the position of condemnation, but they can't detect the stench,” – adding Lubinets.

Exclusion of the Russian Chervony Khrest

The Ombudsman explained that the International Federation of Chervony Khresta decided to review all these facts, a special commission will be created, and based on the results of the activities of this commission, it will be possible to praise recently reduced membership of the Russian Chervony Khrest.

Vodnochas Lubinets added that it is , what fate may be meted out by a historical decision, if the Russian Chervony Khrest is excluded from the International Federation of Chervony Khrest.

The Ombudsman does not criticize the Chervony Khrest

Chervony Khrest helps Ukraine in From a humanitarian point of view, we are encouraged to take any kind of action Russian Chervony Khrest, who came to the support of the official government of the Russian Federation.

For example, Lubinets said that Ukraine handed over to representatives of the International Committee of the Chervony Khrest verification video recording, which The use of Ukrainian military troops as a “human shield” on the line was recorded. However, the international institution ignored the information.

And also the Ukrainian Lubinets called for an investigation into the facts of the promotion of the war against Ukraine by representatives of the Russian Chervony Ridge.

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