• 13/04/2024 09:37

The partisans sent their agent away from the military commissariat near Krimu. What did it mean to go away?

The partisans were able to smuggle their agent into one of the military occupiers' offices in Crimea. He has already received valuable information.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this via messages sent to the Telegram channel of the Atesh partisan movement.

“At every hour our agent is working with the military commissariat” Simferopol district and the city of Alushta of the Republic of Crimea,” the informant said.

It appears that the cash register has been withdrawn from the currently occupied Simferopol.

“The agent is transmitting information about the move mobilization, as well as lists and contacts of newly hired people, who are our potential agents. “It also helps our agents to mobilize and transfer to the military formation we need,” they say in “Atesh”.

It is significant that earlier the partisans made their way from the military commissariat of the Ribinsk Yaroslavl region. F iyskkomat of the Russian place of Tula.

It seems that the Russian occupiers have great problems with the mobilized Russians who arrive to Crimea. A number of episodes of their arrival in Dzhankoy have been recorded. For these reasons, for example At the end of the fire, military police units were brought to the scene to ensure the safety of special warehouse occupiers.

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