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The Pentagon has been sentenced to 21 years of imprisonment

pentagon Pentagon Dzhare Sebastian Dalka The court dried up to 21 rocks of the volume of the wave. He handed over secret documents to the “Russian agent.”

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in a letter to the US Department of Justice.

With the court documents, Dalke found himself guilty in 2023 at the age of six points of contact for attempting to transfer classified information to a foreign agent.

“Accusations of having sworn an oath to steal our country by selling classified information about national security to a Russian agent, just as he himself had seen the FBI. This document demonstrates that those who fail to bring joy to our country will be held accountable for their crimes,” said the Prosecutor General.

It is important that he passed on secret information to an agent of the Russian government. The hard work of our FBI spies has forgotten this and any potential harm to the United States,” said FBI Director Christopher Ray.

What was blowing

3 6 cherches for 1 month 2022 Dalke was a security officer of the National Security Agency (NSA), and worked as a specialist in information systems security systems.

Dalke learned that during the spring of 2022, to demonstrate your “legal access and willingness to share”, based on the use of encrypted cloud-based email records for the transfer of documents from three secret documents to people identified as a Russian agent.

This person was a secret FBI spy on the Internet. All three documents are classified as “top secret” and were confiscated by Dalke during his work with the NSA.

Approximately September 26, 2022 Dalke requested 85 thousand dollars in exchange for all information available to him. He further stated that the information would be valuable to Russia, and told the FBI spy, who is working under cover, that he will share additional information in the future, once he returns to Washington, DC Iya.

Dalka transferring five files , in order to take revenge on top-secret data. The FBI arrested him on June 28, 2023, for several hours after he transferred the files.

The leak of documents to the Pentagon

We previously wrote that they were suspicious of the “leaks” of secret documents to the Pentagon Jack Teixeira recognized his wrongdoing.

At the beginning of the year 2023, classified military documents appeared in social media, which clearly describe the plans of the United States and NATO to build up the Ukrainian army before the planned counter-offensive.

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