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The Pentagon is considering the possibility of raising $4 billion to help Ukraine, – CNN

The Pentagon is important because it is important to help what is lost to support the military in Ukraine, there is no guarantee that these costs will be compensated by Congress.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via CNN.

The Department of Defense, as before, has about 4 billion dollars of presidential funds for Ukraine, which allows the Pentagon to use its power reserves to send military equipment to Kiev.

But the Pentagon previously did not want to spend any pennies What has been lost, with no guarantee that it will be released by Congress for additional funding from the administration in the amount of 60 billion dollars in additional funding, drawn from the reserves of the Department of Defense Without a plan to replenish this capability, US military readiness could be impacted.

In the future, Ukraine will increasingly urgently demand military assistance from the United States, and the House of Representatives is planning to vote on new funding, and high-ranking members of the Department of Defense are discussing what There is a dream that there is an internal financial cushion that would allow the ministry to spend if it wanted a part of this assistance from 4 billion dollars, which were lost, to help Ukraine in the fight against Russia.

The current solutions have not yet been praised, but the development of this option and other potential plans will remain relevant throughout the rest of the world, as the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine continues to grow. and important.

Official statements from the drive of these ideas

Supporting In response to questions about the possibility of violence, the decision of 4 billion dollars, the representative of the Ministry of Defense, Lieutenant Colonel Garron Garn, stated that the Pentagon continues to call on Congress to make additional steps to push Ukraine into a steep decline and increase the national National reserves.

Officials said that the department could go on and spend part of that 4 billion dollars, without knowing the pennies that could be raised for their replacement.

“But there would be nothing unprecedented for the Pentagon in order to know additional, non-transferable funding,” writes the story.

Pentagon Secretary General Patrick Ryder stated that he has nothing to voice , and the Pentagon continues to develop new ways to continue supporting Ukraine.

“Well, even though we have a new fund of 4.2 billion dollars, we have a lot of money to replenish these reserves, which we spend. and the decision,” adding Vin.

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A recent Defense Department official told CNN that the upcoming aid package for Ukraine will hopefully include critically important ammunition.

Discussions about how to place military equipment in the future so that it can be sent to Ukraine as soon as possible, once additional funding is determined, are also of concern.

US defense assistance

13 The fierce US Senate praised the bill with assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan for 95 billion dollars. Zokrema, for Ukraine, the document transfers a grant of over 61 billion dollars.

In order for the bill to gain momentum, it may be praised by the US House of Representatives and signed by President Joe Biden.

However, the 16th Speaker House of Representatives Mike Johnson was able to submit the document for voting.

Congress went on vacation until the 28th, which subsequently confirmed the approval and delivery of US aid for the ZSU.

Terms and important information about the Iinu Russia against Ukraine, read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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