• 13/04/2024 15:56

The Pomsta brigade liquidated an anti-aircraft group of occupiers near the Lugansk region (video)

Ukrainian soldiers from the Pomsta brigade of the Guard killed 11 Russian soldiers on the offensive in the Lugansk region. A video has appeared.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via a message to the State Cordon Service of Ukraine on Facebook.

Yak assigned to the DPSU, Ukrainian fighters victorious to eliminate six occupiers anti-aircraft installation ZU-23-2.

In this case, five warlike soldiers went for additional aerial reconnaissance, which transmitted the coordinates to the mortar and grenade launchers .

Elimination of occupiers

It seems likely that Russian occupiers are now aware of the heavy losses in Ukraine. Our soldiers will continue to deplete them.

Sokrem, the last battle of the 8th, the Ukrainian soldiers liquidated 910 military soldiers.

At the same time, the great number of losses of the Russian army from the cob of the invasion warehouses 393 290 military personnel.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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