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“The process of developing a demobilization bill should begin in the near future,” the press secretary of the Ministry of Defense.

The draft law on demobilization will not be developed from scratch.

The process of developing a bill on demobilization should begin in the near future, - representative of the Ministry of Defense

In the near future, the Ministry of Defense Dmitry Lazutkin will appear on the air of a national telethon ” United News” commented on the situation with the law on demobilization.

“The end of service was included in the bill. This happened after an appeal from Commander-in-Chief Alexander Syrsky, who understands the operational situation along the line of combat, understands what forces and means are available and is aware of the planning that is expected in the near future,” said Lazutkin.

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Also, the speaker of the Ministry of Defense emphasized that no one refuses demobilization and the period of 36 months of rest does not disappear anywhere.

Lazutkin emphasized that the draft law on demobilization will not be developed from scratch. This process should begin in the near future.

Mobilization bill

Preparation of this bill has been going on since last year. On December 25, this bill was introduced into parliament, but so far they have not been able to adopt a document that should normalize the issues of mobilization, rotation, leave, demobilization.

The relevant parliamentary committee began considering a new bill on mobilization on January 4 . Deputies proposed more than 4,000 amendments to the document, and their consideration in the committee was completed on March 29. They decided to exclude from the bill a large number of punishments that evaders could face.

In addition, on April 9 it became clear that the issues of demobilization and rotation were also excluded from the text – they want to create a separate draft law for this. The proposal to include the grounds for dismissal from military service and rotation into a separate bill was expressed by Commander-in-Chief Syrsky. He wrote a corresponding letter to Defense Minister Rustem Umerov.

Proposals for demobilization in the text of the bill were changed several times. Previously, there was talk about the possibility of demobilization after 36 months of service at the decision of Headquarters, then about the dismissal of those who were directly on the front line.


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