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The pseudo-investigation of the Russian Federation against the head of the SBU Malysh is legally void, – Office of the Prosecutor General

The Office of the Prosecutor General noted that Russian propaganda is trying to discredit Ukraine and its Defense Forces in order to divert the world's attention from war crimes of the Russian Federation.

Pseudo-investigation of the Russian Federation against the chairman of the SBU </p>
<p>Russian propaganda is trying to divert the attention of the world community from war crimes committed by the Russian Armed Forces, reports the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine </p>
<p>.The Office of the Prosecutor General records a significant intensification of information and psychological operations of the Russian Federation aimed at discrediting Ukraine at the international level. </p>
<p>The purpose of these operations is to reduce the volume of international assistance to Ukraine and divert the attention of the world community from the massive and planned war crimes that the Russian Armed Forces commit every day on the territory of Ukraine.</p>
<p>One such example of Russian disinformation – an attempt by Russian so-called “investigators” and propagandists to shift responsibility for the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall onto Ukraine. </p>
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Unknown people started shooting at a concert in Moscow, killing dozens. The GUR called this a provocation of Putin's special services

Another example of the enemy's information operations is manipulative and insignificant from a legal point of view pseudo-investigations against the Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasily Malyuk and representatives of other institutions and units of the Ukrainian Defense Forces opposing Russian aggression.

The Prosecutor General's Office notes that the enemy hopes that his lies will make the world forget about the more than 127,000 war crimes of the aggressor documented in Ukraine. However, the world sees them all. War crimes of the Russian Federation, in particular, systemic torture against Ukrainian prisoners of war and civilians, have been recorded by UN institutions.

The practice of torture by Russians of civilians and prisoners of war of Ukrainians is widespread and systematic, – UN report

In particular, Human Rights Watch reported the killing of at least 15 Ukrainian soldiers over the past 5 months while attempting to surrender.

In addition, the US State Department announced the use of chemical weapons by the Russian Federation against Ukraine and imposed sanctions on the individuals and legal entities involved.

Also, more than 20 countries around the world are conducting their own investigations or collecting evidence war crimes that Russia is committing in Ukraine.

For its part, the International Criminal Court has already issued 4 arrest warrants for the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation.

The Office of the Prosecutor General notes that it continues to work closely with international partners to ensure that real war criminals, like Putin and his subordinates, are brought to justice.

Earlier, Vasily Malyuk commented on the “decision” Russians to arrest him in absentia: “I, like all Ukrainians, am interested in only one trial – against them by the owner Putler. We are doing everything in our power to see this war criminal in the bench of the Hague as soon as possible.”


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