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The Russian Federation admits that Israel cannot completely defeat Hamas

Israel does not achieve complete victory in the fight against Hamas in the Palestinian enclave Gaza Strip. In many parts of the world, there is a heavy political conflict over the continued rights of the Palestinians.

Assistant US Secretary of State Kurt Campbell stated this, RBC-Ukraine reported to The Times of Israel.

“In some aspects we are fighting for what is the theory of victory. Sometimes, if we respectfully hear Israeli leaders, they talk much about the idea of ​​​​new victory on the battlefield, total victory. I don’t think it’s possible in those that are possible “, – he said at the NATO youth summit in Miami.

The current situation in the Gaza Strip with the rebel movement, with which the United States entered Afghanistan and Iraq after the invasion there after the terrorist attacks on 11 from 2001 Rock, Campbell appreciates that a political decision is necessary.

“I think we respect that there is more to a political decision… The point from the past is that the country really wants to collapse to a political decision, in which the rights of the Palestinians will be more respected. and maybe there would be more it’s easy, no matter what,” said Vin.

This means that US officials wanted Israel to help develop a clear plan for managing the post-war Gaza Strip, Campbell's comments are the clearest on the side today a retired American official who knows for a fact that Israel's current military strategy will not bring meaningful results.

The situation in the Gaza Strip

On the surface, the United States, Egypt and Qatar proposed a new peace plan for the near future. Once again, the conflicting parties decide to exchange guarantors, and Israel withdraws troops from the Gaza Strip and launches a military operation against Hamas.

However, negotiations from the start of the fire are still unsatisfactory started with success.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly claimed that he has achieved “new victories” over Hamas.

Israel has now launched attacks on the Rafah area in the Gaza Strip and in the outskirts of the enclave.

< p >The Ministry of Health of Great Britain stated that the attack on Rafah would destroy international law and strengthen Hamas.

US President Joe Biden stated that a truce in the Gaza Strip could begin “even tomorrow”, since terrorism will be unleashed by all the guarantors .

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