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The Russian Federation can transfer divisions to the retreat in order to advance until the withdrawal of the US SPAAs, – ISW

Russian troops can redeploy two divisions from Zaporizko ї to the Donetsk region to strengthen precise offensive operations. Without allowing the aggressor's troops to interfere with the situation and advance, the ZSU docks will not deny full-fledged military assistance to the United States.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a letter to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

It is indicated that the Russian Army may try to transfer the 76th or 7th Airborne Assault Divisions from the area of ​​the village of Robotin near the Zaporizhzhya region to Ukraine. This supports offensive operations in the Donetsk region and allows the fire fighters to quickly become operational until the ZSU withdraws US military assistance from full-time support.

It is indicated that Since the Russians are trying to achieve tactful penetration on the outside approach from Avdiivka To reach the wider gap in this area, we will activate offensive operations by burying the operationally important place of Chasiv Yar.

The Russian troops on the Avdiivskyi direct have created a clearly consolidated grouping of forces, which is formed mainly from the sub-units of the Central Military District (CVO) and the 1st Army Corps (AK) of the Donetsk People's Republic iki” (“DPR”). If we want, this force is likely to carry out intensive offensive operations for the next few months, and the 76th and 7th divisions can serve in the strength of the striking force for the continuation of attacks in this region.

“The Russian troops created a smaller grouped force on the Bakhmutsky straight line, which, for now, consists of elements of several divisions and airborne brigades. Redeployment of elements of the 76th and 7th divisions This area could have enabled an offensive operation from the burial of Chasiv Yar “What’s troubling,” says ISW.

The Institute assumes that the Russian command can transfer parts of these two divisions to the Kup’yansk-Svatove-Kreminna line, and Russian troops renewed offensive operations along all lines front.

At the same time, the Russian troops seem to be trying to consolidate the entire sector under the jurisdiction of the Moscow military district, and the redeployment of the 76th and 7th divisions may not turn out to be the same in this case, as a result of more intense combat operations that affect the Donetsk region.

It is clear that any redeployment of these units will allow Russian troops to intensify offensive operations and put greater pressure on the Defense Forces, regardless of which they will be dismantled.

“ISW does not provide an assessment of what area it is most likely for the redeployment of airborne forces, as such a redeployment may eventually occur. – divisions, so as not to pose a real risk for the creation of the ZSU to coordinate Russian offensive operations at the convergence of Ukraine in “The closest thing to the arrival of American assistance in the security sector,” says ISW.

Situation at the front

For the extraction of 1 herb at the front, 100 combat casualties were recorded. The enemy attacked the ZSU directly on Avdiivsky, and also tries to push the Defense Forces of the Chasovoy Yar.

For the loot of 1 grass, the Russians spent 1120 military units. The final losses of the Russian army at the beginning of a large-scale invasion killed 469,840 soldiers.

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