• 22/04/2024 13:11

The Russian Federation has stood against Ukraine over 600 chemical ammunition: the dynamics of the supply chain is growing

Ukrainian military recorded 626 facts of Russian stockpiling of ammunition ів, which are spores with radical chemical substances. In them, they are lichen for the skewed rock – 51 vipado.

about the cereal of RBC -Ukraine, the General Staff of the ZSU General Staff on Facebook.

vіyskovі was embedded, the dinamika of the thoroughly combat -dimensional brigade. Every day, up to 10 episodes of stagnation of chemical substances are recorded.

“Most often the enemy is vikorist grenades, such as K-51, RGR, which are dropped from UAVs. Prote, stagnation and self-propelled vibukhov devices, spores of the speech of the subnaval action. There will be artillery shelling using shells instead of chemically unsafe substances,” according to the source.

Which means that 14 years ago, Russia produced a new type of special gas grenades RG-VO instead of chemical CS.

The General Staff was informed that there were 36 episodes of stagnation of unsafe Imichnyh speeches was documented and sent for further investigation.

Previously published by Politico, with messages to officials of the administration of US President Biden, there was information everywhere about the risk of Russia's stagnation of chemical weapons in Ukraine. The White House is worried that the Russian army is going to such a desperate end in the face of new failures at the front.

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