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The Russian Federation is committing sexual violence as a means of war and torture, – Ukraine’s permanent representative to the UN

The United Nations has ample evidence that Russian armies are widely systematically vikorist sexual violence as part of war and torture.

As stated by the permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN, Serhiy Kislytsia, RBC-Ukraine reported on the speech at the recent debate at the UN Security Council on the topic of sexual violence, 'language from conflicts.

Kislitsya guessed that evidence of the Russian Federation’s crimes was provided by the evidence of the UN Secretary-General, the Independent Commission of Investigation of the Situation in Ukraine and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. there is widespread and systematic abuse of sexual violence by the Russian military , as a result of war and tortur”, – meaning wine.

According to the words of the permanent representative, the open debate at the Rada Bezpeka will allow “to bring attention to the greedy problem of sexual violence against people, which is widely and systematically carried out by Russian occupiers, both against military forces and against civilians, so that yut u poloni”.

Added that investigators in Ukraine recorded 290 episodes of sexual violence, in which 102 men and 188 women were injured.

Kislitsa noted that the heads of the independent UN commission shed their tlo on the organization of Katuvan, information about the leadership of the Russian army and law enforcement agencies and total respect for lawlessness.

“We firmly confirm that the Russian army and Russian law enforcement agencies, such as the FSB, may be included in the list of parties to the conflict that are demonstrably suspected of committing acts of fraud and other forms of sexual violence “, – adding Kislitsa.

The permanent representative called on the UN member states and the Soviet Union to “bring force to put pressure on Russia by inflicting cruel, unprovoked and unjustifiable aggressive war against Ukraine and the region against the usual military atrocities against humanity.”

Guess what, The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine is investigating 171 types of sexual violence against Ukrainians on the side of the Russian military.

The investigative authorities of Ukraine have been able to identify 91 Russian military personnel, including at Bucha's. It is important to work to attract them to the point of certainty.

According to the UN monitoring mission for human rights in Ukraine, during this winter, Russian occupiers lost 32 Ukrainian military units of them. This is significantly more, lower in the later period.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on theRBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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