• 19/06/2024 05:32

The Russian Federation is creating fake criminal reports against captured civilian Ukrainians, – Usov

Russia continues to discredit the Ukrainians, which it illegally removes from the population. The Russian Federation Vorusha, the fake of the fake criminal inscription.

about the secretary of the Coordinarian Headquarters Dmitro Usov, the RBC-Ukrainian RBC to the Coordinating headquarters of the Zwani Poddyzheskovoli Respecting that Russia has traditionally acted in defiance of international humanitarian law and continues to illegally exterminate civilians. In the vicinity of which the Russian Federation is destroying fake criminal reports with subsequent submissions to a high court.

“The rumor and the turn of the civil society is complicated by the fact that the Russian Federation does not officially confirm the assertion on its own Because the territory of our citizens is now being occupied,” the report says.

Respecting that Ukraine is trying to use all possible mechanisms to seize information about the place of the transfer of guarantors and their return from captivity.

Exchange of prisoners

31 days There was an exchange of troops between Ukraine and Russia. 207 Ukrainians turned home. Zokrema, they turned home:

  • 95 ZSU soldiers;
  • 56 National Guardsmen;
  • 26 border guards;
  • 29 Territorial Defense soldiers ;
  • 1 representative of the National Police.

According to the words of the Supreme Leader of Ukraine for Human Rights Dmitry Lubints, on the 31st day the 50th exchange of soldiers between Ukraine and Russia took place.< /p>

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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